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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss (CAMS) 2018


i am still running this tournament, it just appears people have been rather busy. If we don’t have more progress or at least people checking in by monday, I will start considering adjudicating delayed matches.



Getting into the final matches here…

  1. [CAMS18] Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance vs Bomber678 [Future]/Peace/Blood
  2. [CAMS18] Zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs Cstick [Finesse]/Present/Discipline


So a bye for me?


That is correct. Sorry, forgot to mention. Frozenstorm gets the bye this round.


Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t prematurely eliminated :wink:


As a heads up, with only 4 remaining, all remaining matches will be rematches.

I will be facing the winner of Dreamfire vs Bomber678, and Frozenstorm will be facing the loser.



Let’s see if any of us learned any new tricks since the last time.

  1. [CAMS18] Zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs Dreamfire [Demon]/Anarchy/Balance
  2. [CAMS18] FrozenStorm [Demon/Necro]/Finesse vs Bomber678 [Future]/Peace/Blood


So I’ve bustered out now as was inevitable.
I’ve really enjoyed this tournament, thanks to all the players, zhavier for putting it on, and cstick for calling me out to play. Felt good to stretch my mind again.

I will say though, I hate Vandy. I hate demonology and I hate black starter and I hate that it’s the dominant strategy. It’s so draining to fight.
No disrespect to the people piloting the decks, you play well, and the decks wouldn’t work without an intelligent mind putting all the pieces in the right place.
I just really hate fighting it, especially when it’s almost half my games.

Anyway thanks for playing everyone, I’m eagerly watching these last few games.


I hear that, brother. Anarchy/Strength/Growth also feels super oppressive. I don’t mind fighting the Purple Peace engine decks (the third “dominant strategy”, seemingly) as much as either Nightmare or Miracle Grow.

Both decks have so many options for threat each and every turn, it feels like you’re always making a choice that the opponent will have (at worst) an even trade with, and at best will melt your face and completely derail you.

It feels like you both have to get fairly lucky AND really outwit/surprise the opponent to stand a chance.