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[Tournament] 19XX Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss (XCAFS18)




  1. [XCAFS18] Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance vs FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire



So much hype !


Thank you to everyone who participiated! I think this tournament really showcased some alternate decks from the typical, so goal accomplished.

I think it is particularly noteworthy that frozenstorm was fighting to stay in the tournament from game 3 onward, but still managed to win. Congrats!

Final Standings

FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire: 8-2-0
Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance: 6-3-1
Cstick [Necro]/Present/Law: 5-3-1
zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Growth: 4-3-1
Nekoatl [Finesse]/Peace/Truth: 4-3-0
Dreamfire [Discipline]/Feral/Necro: 3-3-0
EricF [Feral/Growth]/Finesse: 3-3-0
Bomber678 [Necro]/Truth/Blood: 2-3-0
codexnewb [Finesse]/Necro/Growth: 2-3-0
thehug0naut [Feral/Growth]/Present: 2-3-0
CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed: 1-3-0
charnel_mouse [Finesse]/Balance/Growth: 1-3-0
deluks917 MonoRed: 0-3-0
witspur [Demon]/Discipline/Finesse: 0-3-0


@FrozenStorm what a lad


Some great games to watch in this tournament, congratulations to Garth FrozenStorm!


It does feel like Garth is the one to congratulate, but thanks everyone for the kind words and great tournament! I had a great time and yeah, being on the brink of elimination basically the whole tournament sure was exciting! I had to channel my inner Cloud9 for the reverse sweep :slight_smile:


To tell the truth, Garth being that successful was helped by Vandy’s absence, and generally the very few sparshot heroes in the field. Everyone favored Garth over Vandy, and that made Garth even better.
I picked Geiger for that purpose, but Garth is so necessary that Geiger could hardly see play before Tech II, and at that point other options are favored - Tech II units, obviously.

Necro/Blood shines brighter than ever ! Maybe we should metacall it when picking our Codex next time…