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[Tournament] 19XX Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss (XCAFS18)


Nah, if he really knew how it worked it would be at least four in a row. :wink:


At four health. That’s an important detail.


Against Heavy Burn.


For those who didn’t watch the game, I think I literally had lethal burn spells for two out of those three turns.


ROUND 6! Getting down to the wire now.

  1. [XCAFS18] zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Growth vs Nekoatl [Finesse]/Peace/Truth
  2. [XCAFS18] EricF [Feral/Growth]/Finesse vs Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance
  3. [XCAFS18] Dreamfire [Discipline]/Feral/Necro vs FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire

Cstick gets the bye, having already played (and beaten) almost all the remaining players.


Geeze, the Peace engine is terrifying.


I did some counting and found that so far, there have been 22 P1 wins (not counting one adjudicated match) and only 10 P2 wins. Looks like Garth and Drakk (and Cal?) really like being the aggressors.


All three of them operate pretty well on low gold, and don’t mind mortgaging cards early.

The struggle is real :wink:


Anyone have standings handy? I’m juiced up to see the conclusion of this tourney, there’s been some pretty wild and exciting games!


That’s what I have as well.

Cstick [Necro]/Present/Law: 5-0-1
FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire: 4-2-0
zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Growth: 4-2-0
Nekoatl [Finesse]/Peace/Truth: 4-2-0
EricF [Feral/Growth]/Finesse: 3-2-0
Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance: 3-2-0
Dreamfire [Discipline]/Feral/Necro: 3-3-0
thehug0naut [Feral/Growth]/Present: 2-3-0
Bomber678 [Necro]/Truth/Blood: 2-3-0
codexnewb [Finesse]/Necro/Growth: 2-3-0
charnel_mouse [Finesse]/Balance/Growth: 1-3-0
CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed: 1-3-0
witspur [Demon]/Discipline/Finesse: 0-3-0
deluks917 MonoRed: 0-3-0


ROUND 7! This has been quite the exciting tournament! But alas, it is nearly over.

  1. [XCAFS18] FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs Cstick [Necro]/Present/Law
  2. [XCAFS18] Nekoatl [Finesse]/Peace/Truth vs Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance

I get the BYE.


ROUND 8! And only 4 remain…

  1. [XCAFS18] Cstick [Necro]/Present/Law vs Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance
  2. [XCAFS18] FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Growth

Cstick and marto get a rematch