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TOPANDA League 2.0 - Premier (!) Yomi Invitational Tournament


Hey, guys. Let’s play some Yomi, yeah?


  • Best of Seven (Finals is Bo9)
  • Round Robin, then cut to SE Top 4 (first seed will play last seed)
  • Standard Counterpick (first round is double blind pick, loser may change character after each loss)
  • Medium Timer
  • Double KOs count as a zero for both players, replay the same match-up
  • No collusion (unless it helps me in some way)
  • Tiebreakers are H2H, Game win %, then strength of opponents that you’ve beaten
  • Forfeits (of which I hope there are none!) are counted as 0-0
  • Top 8 players will be invited back next year. Bottom 4 are dropped to make way for new blood!

Games are played weekly, with the deadline being midnight Pacific time on every Sunday. Please report results here or in the MSS sister thread. This will go through the holidays, so playing ahead is encouraged.

Gl hf, and as always: fuck Troq.


Round 1
Thelo 1 - 4 Bob199

Troq < Persephone
Gwen < Persephone
Gwen < Persephone
Gwen > Persephone
Gwen < Troq

Good games!


Bob199 4:1 Thelo

:persephone: OOO XXX :codextroq::gwen::gwen:
:persephone: X O :gwen:
:codextroq: O X :gwen:

ggs as always Thelo


two of the “in by default” Topanda players go head to head in an exciting match

Leontes 0 - 4 ClanNatioy

With something of a switcheroo I played Midori this whole set and Leontes played Grave most of the set.

:grave: < :midori:
:grave: < :midori:
:grave: < :midori:
:midori: < :midori:

If the first two fights are any indication of the rest of the tournament then the Topanda meta has just been blown wide open.


DieMyDarling played Menelker and Vendetta in his Week One win as well! But he also closed it out with Troq, so you know.


Thelo 3 - 4 ClanNatioy
in the second round

Troq < BBB
BBB < Grave
Troq < Grave

Good games!


Thelo 3 < 4 ClanNatioy

:troq: < :bbb:
:bbb: > :bbb:
:bbb: > :bbb:
:bbb: < :bbb:
:bbb: > :bbb:
:bbb: < :grave:
:troq: < :grave:



@FenixOfTheAshes vs. @Jengajam

Fenix 4-1 Jenga
:zane: > :degrey:
:zane: < :troq:
:onimaru: > :troq:
:onimaru: > :degrey:
:onimaru: > :degrey:


Mad King vs @Leontes

:rook: < :grave:
:geiger: > :grave:
:geiger: < :zane:
:rook: > :zane:
:rook: < :bbb:
:rook: > :bbb:
:rook: > :bbb:

Mad King wins 4-3!



DieMyDarling 4-0 Jengajam

Troq > Troq
Troq > Geiger
Troq > Geiger
Troq > Geiger


Cast of DMD vs Jengajam:


Fivec 4-1 Mad King

Bal-Bas-Beta > Rook
Bal-Bas-Beta > Geiger
Bal-Bas-Beta > Valerie
Bal-Bas-Beta < Troq
Bal-Bas-Beta > Troq

Beep boop.


I’m only liking this because I have to.


Fivec, Setsuki doesn’t have any B’s in her name, I think you made a few typos


There are some mad hype character choices in this one!


Reporting for ntillerman.

ntillerman 4-0 mastrblastr

Geiger > DeGrey
Geiger > Zane
Geiger > Zane
Geiger > Argagarg


Bob199 4:2 Leontes

:persephone: O X :codexgrave:
:persephone: XX OO :codexgrave:
:codexonimaru: OOO XXX :codexgrave::codexargagarg::codexargagarg:

ggs as always Leontes


ntillerman vs. mastrblastr

Leontes vs. Bob199


Thelo 4 - 3 mastrblastr
in the third round

:troq: > :geiger:
:troq: > :geiger:
:troq: < :bbb:
:zane: < :bbb:
:zane: > :bbb:
:zane: < :troq:
:bbb: > :troq:

Good games!


This year is funny. BBB might end up being the most played character of the 2nd Topanda league. New meta?