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Team USA vs the World - Saturday, Nov 18th @ 6pm EST


I assume some fast timer tournaments might be responsible!

Also, calling for @Attilian, @Zejety and @BD_Corro for some spots in this!?


Welcome back CKR. Good to see you.

I’ll put myself forward for Team World. Characters to be determined.


I’d definitely be up for playing on Team World, this was super hype last time. My characters are :setsuki::geiger::zane:


Zejety, sit with me on the bench?


Combination of great performance during the fast timer series and summer smash! :smiley:



  1. @Fluffiness - 1073
  2. @flagrantangles - 1024
  3. @Niijima-san - 994
  4. CKR - 941
  5. @SouthpawHare - 873


  1. @mysticjuicer - 1100
  2. @Caralad - 988
  3. @BD_Corro - 968
  4. @Attilian - 966
  5. @bob199 - 957

The Opening Round Matchup Order will be:

@Niijima-san vs @BD_Corro
@flagrantangles vs @Attilian
CKR vs @Caralad
@Fluffiness vs @Bob199
@SouthpawHare vs @mysticjuicer

The players that survive will go onto the final elimination round.

Here are some stats for the teams:

AVG ELO World: 996
Median ELO USA: 994
Median ELO World: 968

It looks like we are pretty evenly matched.

Edit: I changed the match order to save the top seeds for last.


18th is no good for me, I’m afraid :frowning:


I have to back out I’m afraid. I’ve got company coming in from out of town. Looks like @ClanNatioy is up to bat!


Awwww much sadness and disappointment :sob:

But totally understand obligation comes first.



@ClanNatioy, are you interested in playing still?




I will update the seeds/pairing mid-week.


Right my chars are



Looks like the lady’s are coming out to play.


It turns out an event at a local hobby shop I thought was last Saturday is actually this Saturday so unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to this, sorry :frowning:

@sharpobject get in there


I only play the thiccest of chars.


@sharpobject, are you in?


Yeah let’s play


The brackets will be up tomorrow. @Attilian, I need your character selections.