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Team USA vs the World - Saturday, Nov 18th @ 6pm EST


I’ll go with :lum: :zane: :grave:


Remember that this is a best of one. The winners will move on to the next round. The first team to five wins is declared the winner. The characters selections for each player have been declared and are listed in the original post. Here are the pairs, and the matches will be played in this order.

3 @sharpobject vs 3 @Attilian
2 @Niijima-san vs 4 @Bob199
2 @Caralad vs 4 CKR
1 @Fluffiness vs 5 @BD_Corro
1 @mysticjuicer vs 5 @SouthpawHare



We getting on Discord or Steam chat or Google hangouts together? I don’t even know if Steam chat allows group voice chat…


It does but I think I prefer discord or skype


I love how it’s basically low tiers vs high tiers.


This is a good idea. My vote is for anything other than Skype.


Discord ftw




Hey @CKR, you have my characters entered as Lum, Zane and Geiger, but it was Grave instead of Geiger I registered.


It has been fixed.


I will be playing on Ipad, so I will be going solo on this team mission. I will be available in the client/in-game chat rooms to deal with any event related issues.


I’ve heard with other games on IPad that it is possible to both play and chat on the Discord app at the same time. Iirc you just enter the voice chat and then tab into the game and the voice just keeps working. Might be worth trying out.


I do this all the time.


Yeah discord is good.


I will not have voice capacity tomorrow, no. Anyway, there’s not really any need for team strategizing, is there? The matches are still 1-on-1 matches, right?


I think it’s more for fun than strategizing.


Fun/support/general goonery.


Anybody streaming this? @Bomber678 @Leontes?


When I saw the time, I thought “I can totally stream this!!” …until I realised work scheduled me on my off week.


I can make this!