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Team USA vs The World 5 - Team USA Wins - Leads Series 3-2


Ehhhhh… unsure


Bomberman, Team World needs you.


All of your training has been for this moment. Will you heed the call?


Bomber, I’m playing Topdeck Degrey, what more of a guaranteed win could you ask for?


Hang on hang on.
My seeded ELO would put me at 4th position on World team.
Leontes is 2nd position on USA team.


… If I enter, I’m playing Geiger.


ooooo I slid right into that alternate slot like I said I would. The Shax does not lie


I can play in this, but unfortunately cannot cast it! Parents are having a shindig in Norcal on that day so I’ll be able to play via laptop, but I wouldn’t be able to bring the hype unfortunately. Anybody out there able to stream/commentate?

Also I guess I am playing :midori::zane::menelker:


I will update each players character list on the original post later. Something is seriously wrong with my computer at the moment. I think my motherboard is shot because I have already switched out the power supply. Luckily, I have spare components lying around.


That’s my job, remember? Juicer and I have switched roles


It is confirmed! I have been given the 26th off! So I will be able to play.


I can forfeit my position to Shax if he really wants to play. It will be tough for me to manage getting up that early after traveling, and I don’t mind honestly! @Shax


Hit me up on discord if you guys need subs for either side.


I was hoping that TEAM USA would get stronger over time rather than weaker


WOW shots fired, implying I am stronger than Shax


Don’t worry about it! I actually meant it when I first signed up as an Alt in case someone doesn’t show(or not enough signed up).


This week has been dumb. I have went through two motherboards trying to fix my computer. Now, I have the motherboard working and my ssd drive with my Windows install is dead.

Currently, I am posting this on an Ipad with a shattered screen. While I was working on the PC, my daughter dropped one of her toys on it.

I will be taking care of all admin duties (i.e. updating participants list and character rosters) on Friday.

btw, @shax, at the moment you are in. I believe in you.


Well you see my car broke down and I’m getting a bit of a headache because this Nigerian prince needs me to hold onto his money but he hasn’t responded…

I got ya bro, my condolences about your computer.


I know a guy named Geiger that may be able to help you


@Bomber678 , are you playing?


I am going to bed. Depending on Bomber, we have 4 or 5 players for the World team. I will take care of it in the morning.


Going to bed soon as well. I will try to be there if only to make sure USA has their 5!