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Team USA vs The World 5 - Team USA Wins - Leads Series 3-2


If some one needs an assistant commentator I can be there or if USA is lacking a 5th player I could join the team for some comic relief.


I can play for US. Still deciding my three, though.


hmmm, this day is no problem for me so I could sign up as an alt for USA. My ELO is probably garbage though.


@shax , I will put you in. Your ELO is in the top 69 percentile. That is definitely pretty good. Not everyone can be in the top 1 percent, but through improvement anyone can get there. I am using ELO because I think it is way better than having team captains and having them use subjective opinions. This way is simple. The players with the best track record will play.


I completely agree. I mostly thought my ELO was bad because I haven’t been consistently active, and my record was bipolar even when I was.



I will play :gloria::geiger::troq: for team USA


I’m way too out of practice to play this time but I’ll make sure to turn up and watch, this is always the hypest event in yomi


Damn, having to miss this hypefest again due to prearranged stuff :frowning:


I have put in the request to gave the day off with work. Just need to wait and see now.


Je suis francais.
Does that count?


I’ll defect to Russia for this one.


You about carried the USA to victory during the last match. This isn’t Yomi without borders.





My work schedule has mysteriously changed, and there is suddenly a higher chance of this being cast.


Still need some more brave World Warriors!


I dunno man, I’m washed up. I don’t even play Troq anymore.


Every team needs it’s heart though Bomber. Be our heart.


If Team World needs me, I’m there.

:troq: :lum: :grave:


I was gonna say that’s juicer’s job, but then I remembered he’s a traitor who hates fun and plays Troq


Come on Bomber, you know you wanna get FDB’d three times in one round again :wink: