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[Series] Monocolor Matchup Madness 1! Sign up today!


We have finished our series. I didn’t do so well, but I’m not sure it’s purple’s fault. I wrote some thoughts on the matchup for anyone interested. TLDR: I think purple struggles, but not as much as I did. Would love to see someone else tries their hand.

Onwards and upwards.


@Dreamfire I’ll take the Blue side of Red v Blue!

And to anyone else that wants to get in on some Mono Action, hit me up! I can play another series if there are interested parties


I’d be happy to join any matchup which is available. Mono-colors are my favorite type of deck.


Awesome @TheKonamiCode! Looks like no one has volunteered for Blue vs White, care to play that matchup with me? I’m fine with either side, if you’re game start a warm-up thread whenever you’re ready!


Done. MM1 Warmup: TheKonamiCode (Blue) vs FrozenStorm (White)


@petE seems to have abandoned our green/blue series midway. If anyone wants to pick up where he left off, Im open.

Also Red white, though that one seemed pretty skewed to player 1


I’ll join in the Green/Blue if I can play the Green side.


Sure. Start a thread for the warmup, you can go first.


Im fine to pick up the red white if anyone wants a second game. i can play either.


I’ll stick with red. Go ahead and start a thread, you play first.


I’d be happy to sub in for green in any of the green matchups, as it looks like 3 of them don’t have recent activity.


If there aren’t any takers at the moment, I’ll take any of those with you and start a new thread. You can take your pick. Lmk.


Sure, I’ll play green vs your black. I’ll go ahead and start a thread.