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Correct, it is still played, so things like Knight of the Conclave still triggers Drill Sergeant and Flagstone Garrison, but not Blooming Ancient.


What happens if I have 2 Banefire Golems during upkeep? Can I have them both sacrifice the same unit, and still get the effect twice? If I have one of them sacrifice the other, does the 2nd one’s ability still trigger?


Both abilities go in the queue, you have 2 chances to sacrifice a unit to deal 1 damage to each opposing thing. The banefires do not still need to be around for the abilities they put into the queue to happen. It is possible to have them both sac the same unit, but only if the unit is somehow still alive after being sacrificed by the other one (e.g soul stone, second chances).

No matter what both abilities will trigger, as they both trigger and go into the queue before either one of them resolves.


I think the Second Chances trigger would not return the unit until after the second banefire trigger happened, as it was not simultaneous.


It’s my turn.
I have a 4/4 Mimic with Overpower and Sparkshot.

My opponent’s patrol zone has a 1/1 in Scavenger and a 1/1 in Technician. There is also an exhausted 4/2 Vandy on his board.

Can I kill all three of them with one Mimic attack?


My heart says yes, but my mind isn’t sure.


From the rulings page on Sparkshot

Sparkshot damage is dealt simultaneously with all other combat damage. — Sirlin, 03/11/16

I believe this means that you have to determine eligibility for Overpower at the same time that you deal Sparkshot damage; it doesn’t work like Obliterate, where the destruction happens before Overpower triggers.


I disagree with this logic. The sparkshot timing isn’t particularly relevant; what’s relevant is whether or not overpower determines what can be attacked based on which patrollers will be reduced to 0 HP by the attack, or merely by what is the declared target for the attack. According to a strict reading of the overpower rulings, it goes by the declared target, so you would only be able to overpower to the other patroller. However, it’s very possible the ruling was not worded with this edge case in mind, so hopefully @sharpobject will weigh in when he gets a chance.


But isn’t overpower also technically simultaneous? Although I guess if they were all simultaneous, I would think no


I think it boils down to whether Overpower’s target is decided upon Overpower entering queue (while second 1/1 is still alive) or upon Overpower leaving queue (when second 1/1 is already dead to Sparkshot).

I was unable to find a definite answer to that.


Sparkshot and overpower are combat abilities; unlike triggered abilities, they don’t go into the queue at all… they just modify the behavior of combat damage as it’s dealt, and the sparkshot and overpower damage is dealt at the same time as the attacker’s normal combat damage. So, for example, if there were (3/3) Brave Knights patrolling as Elite and Scavenger, and you attacked one with a (5/X) Sparkshot, overpower unit, it could kill both, and if the defender had 2 Second Chances in play, both Brave Knights would be returned to play.


The timing rules have to do with how the state of the game is calculated, and when. Triggered abilities resolve, then calculate the game state, then move onto the next triggered ability.

Combat damage isnt a triggered ability, or of it does bheave like one, the entirety of it happens, then the game state is calculated. So, If that is true, then overpower would not hit vandy in that example.

What is meant by simultaneous is that all the things happen, then the game state is recalculated. What died, where things went, how much damage ended up on various targets, any triggered abilities, are all calculated after the combat damage has been done.


We have a ruling from the highest instance handed to us in Discord to reinforce your judgement :slight_smile: