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Yeah that’s what happens.

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Neglect? :wink:

No I don’t have a good argument to the contrary (perhaps there’s a reading of “One of your Units arrives” that doesn’t classify those tokens as “one of yours”?), just wanted to confirm since it got missed in the tourney game; I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a BA get runes on the opponent’s turn!


Looking to clarify something:

Opponent has a Graveyard up. I cast Kidnapping and steal a unit, then kill it when it attacks. Does it go to the opponent’s discard (as it is controlled by me, and the Kidnapping clarifications suggest it goes to discard), or does it go to the opponent’s graveyard (as they technically own the unit)?

Here’s a link to the game it’s happening in for context

EDIT: I had searched “Kidnapping” but not “Kidnap” to see if this had been discussed before, but it looks like it has. Discard it is!


Doubling up on my reply in the linked game for reference. Here’s EricF’s old reply:

This would be consistent with “your” referring to the controller unless stated otherwise, which I think is how most or all other cards work.


I had a great casual game where I kidnapped a bone collector and buried it in my graveyard and then replayed it to my patrol zone. Glad to hear that was probably a legal move.


Abomination gives everything -1/-1. Do you place a -1/-1 rune on all other units to track this? If a max level Orpal Gloor is in play, do all dying units (other than Abomination) activate its ability?
In general: is a -1/-1 always the same as a -1/-1 rune, or does it only count as a rune if the card specifically says so? (And likewise for +1/+1)

no to almost everything. Deteriorate gives -1/-1 but not a rune, so it does not ativate orpal’s maxband, same does abomination. it only count as a rune if the card specifically says so.
IE: +1 and -1 runes cancels each other, applying a -1 rune to something with spirit of the panda attached still has the -1 rune, cuz spirit of the panda gives +2+/+2 not runes.


Reading through this thread left me with a couple of questions. The question of when to check the number of workers you have for determining whether or not you have to tech two cards seems to have been answered multiple ways.
sharpo confirming it’s at the end of your turn
sharpo saying it’s at the start of your turn

I’m also not clear on when you get gold for dying units in a FFA.
sharpo saying that Sirlin confirmed Sacrifice the Weak doesn’t give you money
sharpo giving a different ruling that seems to change this
Do all my opponent’s units that leave play during my turn yield me money in a FFA?


For the first item, I am not sure how it works. Sharpo did indeed seem to give 2 conflicting answers. My inclination would be to use the more recent ruling in any such conflict.

For the second item, Sharpo specifically countered his previous ruling, due to input from Sirlin. Sacrifice the weak, and any other situation resulting in an enemy unit dieing regardless of the cause, will yield money in FFA.


I think you’re right about the ruling regarding the FFA gold. And in general I’d agree that later rulings are more relevant. But in the case of tech timing Sharpo didn’t seem too sure the second time, and it doesn’t read like a correction. I think if he would’ve intended to overrule himself he’d have stated that.
That, coupled with the knowledge that the player mats have the tech phase at the end of your turn, lead me to guess there’s a good chance the earlier ruling is right in this case. Otherwise, what’s the tech phase doing at the end of your turn on the player mat?

: EDIT: And I guess I don’t like that if this were checked at the start of your turn there is a possibility that you only know you have to tech right before it’s your turn. Even though it’s not common, I don’t see the point of halting the flow of the game this way.


Excellent points. I suppose players could start to make tech choices just in case a worker gets destroyed, but that’s plenty inconvenient in its own way.

Teching cards is described a bit differently on pages 2, 6, and 21 of the rule book, leading players to multiple points of confusion about how exactly it works, but it looks like the 10-worker exemption is only mentioned on the bottom of page 6 (which I’ve found to be the most reasonable page to go by for other reasons).

Personally, I read this with a 3rd interpretation: that reaching 10 workers frees a player from the need to tech cards for the rest of the game. The use of “until” makes it sound like a milestone that, once reached, triggers the removal of the 2 card requirement, with no mention of it being reinstated if you lose workers. This interpretation makes use of Lich’s Bargain alongside Galina Glimmer or Slow-Time Generator a much more appealing strategy, one which I’ve honestly never been able to get to work in an actual game, but that seems neat in theory.

Does @sharpobject still monitor this thread? It’d be nice to have a definitive ruling here.

He does, hes just not around 100%. Codex and Sirlin Games has a discord channel that he can be found in sometimes. Sharpo will weigh in eventually.


My observation is that pinging him on the Sirlin Games discord server tends to get his attention much faster, but I personally don’t like to do it unless there’s a lot of debate over multiple days and he still hasn’t weighed in. I don’t want to pester him… Maybe now that more people are aware of that I don’t have to be the one who lets him know as often?

He has brought it up to Sirlin on discord.

Yeah, I noticed. There’s just been a lot of times where a debate has been ongoing for close to a week and no one thinks to let him know through Discord, so I ended up doing it. I posted my message to point out that the difference in response time is significant, and that it would be nice if more people than just me were the ones saying “there’s a debate in the forums.”

oh wait you weren’t responding to me specifically just letting people know that progress is happening whoops

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Does this mean that Crypt Crawler actually doesn’t work on Wandering Mimic? Or does it merely mean that this is a bug with the description of how the stats are determined? If I use Crypt Crawler on a Wandering Mimic that has copied flying from somewhere, does it still have flying?

:EDIT: Never mind, I think I found the answer. It doesn’t work.

Though you could use Crypt Crawler on that other something so that Wandering Mimic would no longer copy it, downing 2 units with 1 gold.

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If it is your own guy giving flying and you still want to fly over patrol, that won’t work.

Another question, sorry…

I’m having trouble finding a description of what can be done to a unit that’s forecast. Am I right in thinking that in principle a unit in the future is unavailable for anything? It can’t be damaged or targeted. Passive abilities won’t affect it. Nothing does anything to it, except abilities and spells like Time Spiral. In fact, Time Spiral’s description has me thinking whether or not to even consider a forecast card a card at all.
So, when a forecast unit enters play, did I control it long enough to attack with it? The existence of omegacron suggests not. It’s literally as if I JUST played the card when it entered play, right? (Except for thing like Graveyard, which ignore forecasted cards altogether.)

Am I on the right track here? Am I missing something in the rulebook?