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Question about expansions


Will the White vs Purple and Blue vs Black expansions include the colored binders for those factions?


By all accounts, all binders except red and green are Deluxe-only.


The blue vs black expansion and white vs purple expansions do not have binders. Instead, they are in small boxes to ship cheaply and have as few components as possible (just the cards, and token cards too). You can build your decks using the binders in the Core set, or use your own. The deluxe set does come with 6 binders though.


I can see how there might be confusion because the Red and Green set appears to have the associated binders. It is the Core Set though. Are there plans to make the other colors’ binders available outside of the Deluxe Set?


I can’t speak for others, but if the other factions’ binders were available as game accessories, I would definitely pay for those! :slight_smile:


Related question: it seems that right now the only way the expansions are available is through print and play - is that correct? If so, is there an estimated time we should expect to see the printed boxed versions available for sale?


The blue vs black expansion releases in October. The purple vs white expansion releases in November.

These expansions are also in the Deluxe Set, which ships sooner than the above. New orders of the Deluxe Set will will ship after all Kickstarter orders have shipped and after all existing pre-orders ship. This is likely to be later this month (September).