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aaaaaaand Summer Smash IV
Emaron vs mysticjuicer
Saturday, July 1st, 1pm Eastern -


I just want to take the opportunity to point out that you could sign on to Yomi between about 1pm EST and 10pm EST any day the rest of the week and there would likely be a tournament game going on.



Woah! Guess it might be time to record some videos!


Summer Smash IV

This Friday the 30th 8pm EDT, @Jengajam vs @ThreeHeadedMonkey

Be there! Or be a rectangular shaped thing!


IYL 5 - scymrian vs @FaceOnMars
Thursday, June 29, 9 PM EDT


Summer Smash - Round 2
Flagrantangles vs Ivan
Friday - 30.06.17 - 12.30 CDT


Today (Saturday 1st July) Caralad will be facing not one, but two opponents!

First, in IYL5, @BD_Corro. Both currently have perfect records going into this match. Only one will be able to walk out with theirs intact…tune in to find out at 4pm BST - EDIT: Looks like this may be delayed, BD’s arm is giving him grief hopefully only for a short while though

Secondly, in the first round of Summer Smash 4, the feline master thief takes on…a Frog? It’s Caralad vs @Phrawger, battling it out at 8pm BST


Summer Smash IV
mysticjuicer vs Bob199
July 3rd @ 8pm Eastern


Ohh that’ll be good. Will be at work so can’t watch it but I look forward to the replay!


My summer smash game with phrawger was postponed until the same time today.


IYL 5 - Round 4
Attilian vs Ivan
Tuesday /04.07.17/ - 19.30 UTC


IYL 5, Morningstar Sanctuary
scymrian v @Jadiel
Thursday, July 6, 6 PM EDT


IYL - morningstar sanctuary
mysticjuicer vs CKR
Friday @ 9pm Eastern


Summer Smash
mysticjuicer vs jamie-chan
Saturday @ 10am Eastern


IYL 5 - Round 5
Corroyeur vs Ivan
Friday /07.07.17/ - 19:00 UTC


IYL - Morningstar Sanctuary!
scymrian v. @mysticjuicer!
Wednesday, July 12, 7:30 PM EDT



I’ve got my grippies fully engaged! Hope I don’t drop this giant, single spaghetti that I’m holding!



Summer Smash IV - Winners Bracket Round 3

Three Headed Monkey (Count Bleck) vs @GutterOwl (Mae Borowski)

9pm PDT Friday 14th; 2pm AEST Saturday 15th


IYL 5 Round 6 (ahead of time) Three Headed Monkey vs @HarryBModest

7pm AEST Thursday!


Summer Smash

Fluffiness vs @UTRALAW
Tonight at 9:30