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Time to resurrect the hypeness!

Tuesday 6 PM GMT+1 / 9 AM PST

Dragons will clash!

(actual image)
@Legion Vs @ClanNatioy

For the Yomy Olympics Grand Finale!


Is there any tournament coming up I could sign up for


Gonna be playin’ my boy Paul “@phrawger” Wranger for our first round of IYL here tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern. #lunchyomis made possible by the fact that I have off work tomorrow!


Please come watch me get demolished by @mysticjuicer today at 7PM EST.

Zane mains not invited.


That’s good, I’m a Rook main.


Tomorrow, me and @shamusj will play our match for IYL 5 DreadLands - round one
12am - 1pm UTC


IYL 5 - mydrothers vs mysticjuicer - Thursday, June 15 @ 8 pm EST
lowercase rumble!


Tonight (June 12)! IYL action! @SouthpawHare vs @scymrian! 7 PM EDT!


IYL5 - mysticjuicer vs mydrothers - 2pm Saturday -


IYL5 - Dreadlands - thehug0naut vs Ivan - Sunday 1900 UTC -


IYL - Myself versus @BD_Corro starts at 19:00 UTC tonight (an hour from now). Get hype!


Rescheduled for Tuesday - 20.06.17 1900UTC
Here is the new time


IYL 5 – Morningstar Sanctary
Phrawger vs Fluffiness
7PM EDT, June 18th (Today!),100,5128581&h=5&date=2017-6-18&sln=19-20

There or square, it’s your choice, I’m not your dad

(call your dad)


IYL5 - mysticjuicer vs pengwndude - Thursday 7:30pm Eastern US -


IYL5 - vengefulpickle vs Thelo - Today! 9pm EST -


Summer Smash, Round 1! scymrian vs ThreeHeadedMonkey! Midnight EDT, Saturday June 17 (that’s the border of Friday/Saturday for anyone who gets confused by the concept of Midnight).


IYL Dreadlands R2: snoc vs @Attilian, tomorrow (Thurs 22nd) @ 1900 UTC


The International Yomi League rolls on in week 3!

This week, the Mystic Deadman begins his league play with a morning-day double header!

First, at 10:00 am CDT (GMT-5), old veterans clash as the Internet’s Eternal Phenomenon looks to get his season started off on the right foot, while @Caralad intends to ruin this goal and improve his record 2-0.

Then, at 12:00 pm CDt, experience meets youth as @Ms.Stress hopes to keep her momentum rolling and move to 2-0. But, will she meet a Deadman filled with victorious energy, or a Phenom with vengeance in his heart?

It’s The Internet’s Eternal Phenomenon!
It’s the International Yomi League!
And it’s a double-header that happens LIVE! Today at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM CDT!


IYL 5 - Round 3
Shax vs Ivan
Sunday 19.00 UTC


Morningstar Sanctuary
variable vs mysticjuicer
Friday June 30 @ 7:30pm, Eastern -

edit: we dun changed up the time!