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That’s a Tuesday.


It’s Wednesday for me Damnit :sweat:


I don’t see Auto TO for Summer Smash - for now, so…
Summer Smash - Round 1
Elise /Ivan/ vs Strider Hiryu /CKR/
Sunday, 08/07/2018 - 3.00pm EDT


IYL 6 Championship

CKR vs @MR75

Date - Sunday, July 14th
Time - 3pm EDT

Hall of Champions

IYL 1 - Raziek
IYL 2 - @Leontes
IYL 3 - @Thelo
IYL 4 - @FenixOfTheAshes
IYL 5 - @mysticjuicer


Summer Smash
Round 2 - Ivan vs Shax
Sunday, 22/07 - 6pm UTC


Summer Smash
Ivan vs ArthurWynne
Wednesday, 25/07 - 6pm UTC


Summer Smash
Winners Bracket
Tellah (flagrantangles) vs Max (@mysticjuicer)
Saturday, July 28th at 9:15 A.M. CDT/10:15 A.M. EDT

Just casual battles between people who have way too much erotic energy invested into Excel functionality.


what?!? today is the 25, so what?!?!


I’ve shared my experimental time travel technology with Canada. Also, calendars are hard.


Summer Smash
Ivan vs Arthur Wynne part 2 - rescheduled
Sunday, 29/07 - 6pm UTC


Summer Smash Losers Bracket
@Leontes vs @ThreeHeadedMonkey
Friday Aug 10 5pm PDT / Saturday Aug 11 10am AEST


Summer Smash Winners Bracket
@vengefulpickle vs @Fluffiness
Monday August 20th 9PM EST


19XX Loser’s Bracket

@Fluffiness vs @ArthurWynne

Thursday August 23rd 2PM EST


Hmmm… 23rd is Thursday here :thinking:


IYL 6 Championship Rematch

Combatants - CKR vs @MR75
Event - 19XX
Time - 2pm EDT
Date - August 25th



(Here too)


I fight Leontes in Summer Smash losers bracket action, tonight at 7:30pm Eastern! Tune in if you want to see two people very angrily playing Yomi at each other! :slight_smile:


I only enjoy yomi when the opponents are HANGRY or MELODRAMATIC.



Gonna play @Zqxx in 19XX at 5:00PM PST today (in 3 hours).

Loser’s semis!