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Not sure if Auto TO will be available for Snoc’s Set tournament, so for now i will post here.

Single Character Showdown
Ivan vs Caralad
Sunday, 16/09 - 6pm BST


AutoTO is always available for any message threads that I’m invited to. So if you personally, or a TO organizer generally, wants some AutoTO action w/o the hassle of setting it up, feel free to invite me into your scheduling threads, and then AutoTO will pick up your messages.


Ivan vs Jonny D
Thursday, 04/10 - 7pm UTC


i be fitoing @ivan in like 5 minutes in LLL ya better come or ill fite you.


Fluffy vs @vengefulpickle in LLL in 1 hour (930 EST)


mysticjuicer vs Xiba
Lum’s Lucky Lottery action!
Sunday Dec 9 @ 9am Eastern


Caralad vs @SouthpawHare

Lum’s Lucky Lottery 2nd round
Sunday 9th December at 7pm Utc


MR and I are playing in LLL in 10 min!


@vengefulpickle and myself will be playing our 4th round LLL match today at 6:15 UTC


I had to postpone. Hopefully we’ll be playing this out soon.


LLL Winners finals are about to start in about 10 minutes between myself and @snoc


LLL4 losers’ finals will be on Sunday at 21:00 UTC


Yay I can make it! :heart:


Should be a fun one to watch. Can’t wait.


LLL4 Grand Finals exactly a week after the losers’ finals: Sunday at 21:00 UTC


Get hyped boys and girls


IYL has come…


For anyone that might be interested, @mastrblastr and I will be competing for the opportunity to reach Grand Finals in the Balanced Clash event. It will be a test of an endurance that only one can survive. There is a small chance no one will survive. Join us for the possibly epic double KO.

Time - 6pm (ish) EDT tonight. (in less than 1 hour from this post)


You lost that match. Now is your chance for revenge. The critical time is 8pm EDT on Wednesday, April the 3rd. Train hard. The fate of the world (grand finals) depends upon you. Make me proud.


No pressure or anything.