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Not sure if Auto TO will be available for Snoc’s Set tournament, so for now i will post here.

Single Character Showdown
Ivan vs Caralad
Sunday, 16/09 - 6pm BST


AutoTO is always available for any message threads that I’m invited to. So if you personally, or a TO organizer generally, wants some AutoTO action w/o the hassle of setting it up, feel free to invite me into your scheduling threads, and then AutoTO will pick up your messages.


Ivan vs Jonny D
Thursday, 04/10 - 7pm UTC


i be fitoing @ivan in like 5 minutes in LLL ya better come or ill fite you.


Fluffy vs @vengefulpickle in LLL in 1 hour (930 EST)


mysticjuicer vs Xiba
Lum’s Lucky Lottery action!
Sunday Dec 9 @ 9am Eastern


Caralad vs @SouthpawHare

Lum’s Lucky Lottery 2nd round
Sunday 9th December at 7pm Utc


MR and I are playing in LLL in 10 min!


@vengefulpickle and myself will be playing our 4th round LLL match today at 6:15 UTC


I had to postpone. Hopefully we’ll be playing this out soon.


LLL Winners finals are about to start in about 10 minutes between myself and @snoc


LLL4 losers’ finals will be on Sunday at 21:00 UTC


Yay I can make it! :heart:


Should be a fun one to watch. Can’t wait.


LLL4 Grand Finals exactly a week after the losers’ finals: Sunday at 21:00 UTC


Get hyped boys and girls


IYL has come…


For anyone that might be interested, @mastrblastr and I will be competing for the opportunity to reach Grand Finals in the Balanced Clash event. It will be a test of an endurance that only one can survive. There is a small chance no one will survive. Join us for the possibly epic double KO.

Time - 6pm (ish) EDT tonight. (in less than 1 hour from this post)