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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

since i am out of the tourney, im looking for a game as mono green. rn 7.

@codexnewb I’m very new to codex, having only played a handful of games, but I’d be interested in a few lessons from a veteran if you’re OK playing a newbie. I’ll go mono purple. Random number: 22, so I’ll start a thread?


sounds great! im happy to play and help you learn. feel free to set it up, and make sure to tag me.


I want to play using [Peace]/Balance/Truth. Ping/PM me, if you want to play against me :slight_smile:

Random(1…10) - 4

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@bolyarich I’ll go [Necro]/Blood/Present to give it a shot! Rolled a 4, then a 5, so I’ll make the thread

Happy to play any deck (even balance testing stuff) against anyone (newcomers or veterans) while we wait to find out what folks would like the tournament finale to be!

I’ll go first or second, doesn’t matter, though for posterity I will submit a deck of [Demon/Necro]/Finesse and a random roll of 84, if you would prefer not to pick what I’m doing

Hey @FrozenStorm I’d be very keen to play! I’d like to try mono-white - random roll of 27 - you start as P1?

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Looking for a casual game, think im gonna go back to basics after a tournament of interesting decks, mono green, rnd 56
I dont mind what deck i play against

I’ll take that with mono Red, rolled 99 so I’ll make the thread.

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Looking to get a wacky idea I’ve been itching to try for a while out of my system. [Demonology]/Future/Truth 19

I am looking to play my first forum game. I have played about half a dozen IRL games. I am not quite sure how the spreadsheet works, and at the moment it’s not even letting me access it.

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Hey @rist, I’ll gladly play you. I think what you need to do to utilize the spreadsheet is make a copy of it first. Let me know if that solves your issue


It also requires a google account.


This is the only link I can find:

It does not work for me. I get a ‘whoops something went wrong’.



That forum thread link is a little off, were you looking for this one?


this issue with that link is there is an s at the end, it is a single spreadsheet. That title mismatch will cause the oops.


Thanks folks.

I can start a game.

How do I play a card from my hand?
How do I summon a hero?

You drag the card (or cut and paste it) from your hand to the appropriate play area, or just type in a hero.

So, say I cut ‘Young Treant’ from hand, and paste it to board

I also have to paste it to ‘actions’ as well, right?