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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


I’ll give you a game :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to give Red another go for a while, so I’m happy to take that side of the matchup, rnd #46 for going first


I got 80/100, so I’ll be P1 Green vs. P2 Red.


Looking to try one more idea before CAMS starts: [Discipline]/Future/Anarchy. rn = 79


Is anyone up for a casual game?

I’d like to play [Balance] / Feral / Growth, and will post once per day.

Random number: 2.


I’ll play mono red against that green for a little extra action on top of the tournament @MuseumRevenant. I’ll try to post a thread later today or tonight


Great, I look forward to it!


Is anyone up for some casual matches? I’ll be playing mono-blue almost exclusively. I’ll probably be able to post multiple times per day except for the weekends.


Go for it, I havn’t played against blue that much so I’ll take up my mono-purple.
rnd #61


I got 6 so it looks like you’ll be going first. Would you like to make the thread or should I?


Sure, @flagrantangles, if you’d like another match.


Sure! I’ll go ahead and make a thread for us and take first and then we can alternate.


I’d like to play a casual as monogreen, and my random number is 9. Did I miss anything?


@AvzinElkein Welcome to the forums! Your post looks good, and I’ll play you as mono-white. I got rn=80, so I’ll start a thread for us.


Looking to polish an old favorite build concept, [Necromancy]/Past/Truth. Random #54.


I’ll play you with [Past]/Peace/Blood. I rolled a 36, so you can go first.


I’m new to the game and new to the forums but am interested in trying my hand at a PBF matchup. I’m not 100% clear on how to use the spreadsheet, but am willing to learn. I’d like to take mono-purple.


Welcome, welcome!

I’m actually pretty new to these forums too, because I joined just over a month ago.

I’ll play mono-red against your mono-purple. Random number 18 to start.


Hi Emajor. I generated random number 55, so I entered our chosen decks and started the game. The card I’ve workered has been copy/pasted into the “Worker” column. The card I summoned has been copy/pasted into the “Patroller” column. What’s next?


After that, click Discard/Draw, then if you look at the bottom of the sheet, there will be three different sheets (can’t remember what they’re called off the top of my head) of which you’ll be on the first one. Change to the second one, then you’ll see a big cell with the entire template for the current turn. Copy paste that into the forum and you’ll be good to go!


Make sure you cut/paste instead of copy/paste, to ensure you don’t have the same card in two different places.