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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent


OK. I clicked Discard/Draw and switched over to the 2nd sheet “Post Template”. Should I click YES on the “Generate” cell on the left side or just copy/paste what’s under “Current Output” on the right side and post that? Thanks, Dreamfire, manually deleted duplicate cards and will cut/paste from now on.


Just c/p what’s under current output.


Also, I noticed you haven’t started a thread yet @witspur. Here it’s PBF convention that P1 makes a new thread for the games. It takes some time getting used to but hey I’ve been there before too so no worries!


Anyone up for a quick game against my moderately incompetent Flagstone Dominion? I rolled a 20.


Mono Purple looking for a match. Random number= 39


Looking to test [Finesse]/Peace/Truth as a possible candidate for a “main” build to use in tournaments. Random #59.


@Nekoatl if you’re still down. i’ll take you as [discipline]/anarchy/disease, rn 54. let me know and I’ll go ahead and create the page.


@witspur if you still need a match, ill take you as mono white. rn 84. you can create the page and post T1.


Looking for casual games with [Balance/Growth]/Strength, my CAMS deck, now I’ve been knocked out (a non-mono deck). Random 57.


I’ll take you on with [Necromancy]/Present/Law. I rolled an 8, so you can go first.


Anyone up for a casual? I’m looking to try [Ninjutsu]/Feral/Anarchy. rn = 59


@Dreamfire I’m down. It’s been two years since I’ve last played Codex, but I’ll try to follow the new processes.

I’ll play as [Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy. I got a 71; you can make the thread and post T1.


Hi @hito! Usually, the person who rolled a higher random number posts the new thread and plays as P1, but if you prefer that I’d do it that’s fine.


Oh, okay. I thought high roll picked, not just was first. I’ll make the thread, then. Expect it soon (and I’ll @ you when it’s up.)


Looking for a casual with random deck [Anarchy]/Truth/Past

Random: 56



i randomed law/blood/discipline. rolled 98. ill create and post.


I’m down for another casual in which I play [Necromancy]/Anarchy/Present. I rolled 80!


@flagrantangles I’d be happy for another match-up as [Ninjutsu]/Feral/Anarchy. I randomed 85, so I’ll start the thread.


Itching to try out my latest random build idea. [Necromancy]/Past/Feral /random 38


ill try a slight tweak to my random build. [blood]/law/discipline. rn. 18. feel free to set it up. @Nekoatl