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Poll: Tournament Frequency


Hey, all! So, we’ve got IYL coming up, and the ever-present forum weeklies. But I also have a bunch of other tournaments I think it would be fun to revive. So, poll time: how many tournament games are you willing to schedule a week?

  • 1 per week
  • 2 per week
  • 3 per week
  • Give me all the Yomis!

0 voters


I voted 2 - I wouldn’t mind scheduling more on some weeks, but when a busy week comes up it’s good to have a bit of leeway.

Incidentally, since you voted for the same rather moderate option yourself - isn’t the simplest solution just to arrange as many tournaments as you’re willing/have time to participate in yourself?


With the AutoTO tools I’ve built, it’s actually pretty low effort for me to run a challonge-based tournament. It takes less time to TO than to schedule and play a match myself. So, if there’s appetite for more tournaments, I’m happy to run then, even if I’m not playing.