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[Yomi] Tournaments ideas sharing

I always find stable rules and similar formats to be really confusing. I would much rather have a set character lineup for the whole tournament. Even some of the crazy formats like LLL and 19XX keep that consistent.

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I think most of the stable rules are predicated on picking a set of 3-4 characters at the beginning of the tournament, and then sticking to that all the way through. @MR75’s LETHAL MIX above seems to be more of an exception.

More of a tournament format than a character selection related, but I thought we could maybe crib the narrowing-swiss format from the Codex side of the house (it’s a swiss tournament, but you’re removed from the rotation after 3 losses).

Also, I think a Fantasy Strike style stable tournament (that is, randomized selection among the characters you haven’t won with yet) could be interesting (although I’ve already math-ed out enough to know it doesn’t completely eliminate the advantage of high-tier characters).


I was more referring to stuff like Pick Your Poison and the like. I don’t know what that type of format is called.

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As for having a preselected list, I basically do that anyway and think that a one character only tournament could be interesting.

@snoc has you covered there with the Single Character Showdown series (when is SCS coming back, @snoc?)


Cool. Thanks VengefulPickle

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And what about

This takes inspiration from Chizuru (KOF98) ULT (also named seal strike): if it hit, opponent cannot perform specials and supers for some time.
This variant denies only supers for whole game

  • Full cast
  • Mid Timer
  • Bo7, standard CP
  • No As allowed: you cannot play As as your combat card neither combo into, but you can still use them for powerup, pump, FD, Lum’s PF and discard)

Why though?

What about a format where, if you lose with a particular character, you can’t use them again for the rest of the tournament? The last player to have characters left wins.


ROYAL RUMBLE (Yes it is a complete sentence forum please let me post in all caps.)


Soon I guess. I’ll stop being ill and then get things kicked off


Well, the point of a new tournament format as I see it would be to get unusual match-ups played without interfering with actual gameplay.

For that, I think 19XX, Pick Your Poison and the Balanced Clash are the gold standard. Honorable mentions to LLL. (Random select is very varied and very hype but sometimes quite feelbad.) Stables tournaments like the Yomi Olympics can also be fun but they basically punish you for not playing top tiers IMO. Points based stables could address that but then you have a cost balance issue. The idea of Lum’s Long Odds was good but I think I’d have to say it didn’t work out so well in practice, the counterpicking issue and Swiss format were very anti-hype. Maybe with some refinement it could be brought back?

I like the idea of the Take This Challenge.

In a similar vein, what about something like


Full cast Bo7 mid timer, first game double blind, both players switch after each game, but winner switches first, not blind, and loser can then counterpick their choice. Neither player can pick any character that they’ve already played in the same set. (You can’t stay on the same character or go back to one you’ve already used.)


I’m not sure if I made this offer before, but I’m happy to co-TO and send out all of the MU threads (AutoTO makes that easy).

Noodling on this a little bit: what about using the LLO point format, but then either just using the points accumulated during a set as to determine the set winner (and then using double elim), or using a narrowing-Swiss format (lowest points gets voted off the island?) might fix it?

The idea is kinda interesting (if prone to player error, which leads to some awkward situations in the rules-enforced client), but this here kinda makes some characters very sad. DeGrey, Argagarg, Quince, Persephone, Gloria all have pretty signature and important Aces; Gloria’s Ace is outright her wincon.

I feel like everyone would just want to play Lum since he’s barely impacted by this.


I wish there was an easy way to implement an SnK style team battle, I think folks discussed this in the past. You lock in a roster of 3 fighters in a PM to the TO, maybe you can change it up in between weeks, and then both players start with their first characters. When your character gets KO’d, move to the next character, drawing a hand of 7 cards. Play until one player’s characters are all KO’d.

You can sorta approximate this by rematching after a KO, then acting as though the winning character has the life total they ended the previous round with; they concede after losing that much health. Doesn’t preserve hands, though.


This Is what I’m waiting for from Sirlin.
Rules for physical yomi are already developed ( winner regains some life, keep his bouns if any, his cards in hand and put discards into deck) unfortunately not in the online client…


I wouldn’t expect anything beyond bug fixes for Yomi from now on. I wouldn’t count on that much.


I know…
2vs2 tag could be another great improvement.


But maybe we can give a try for:


full cast, mid timer
3chars stable team (for all tourney or for single set, to be evaluated)
Loser char Is eliminated
Winner must stay. Next round his life is previous game hp left +20 (example, if It was 30hp, so new total will be 50)
Next round ends if previous winner’s life drops under this total or if he wins again, and so on.
This needs some good interaction between players, Indeed.

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