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I deleted my reply that named him (even though I replaced his name with [REDACTED] it was still pretty obvious) but yes he used the game chat’s RNG during tournament games. deluks917 also publicly admitted to using RNG (he never was never as in-the-moment obvious about it as ntillerman was) and continued to be a valued and top player for a long time afterward. I’m not sure if enomus did or not, but it is very likely he did as well.


Even with the loss of the in-game RNG, you can just roll a 10-sided dice when you’re playing online. There’s simply no way to prevent its use except in an in-person environment, so there’s no sense making rules against it in online play, imo.

Now, the ABDT tracker is a bit different, since it’s summarizing something that you’d ordinarily have to do pretty consistent and time consuming calculations for. Ultimately I think it’ll probably not be as useful as people think, for a number of reasons. Tendencies across different gamestates (when KD, in Neutral, in early game, in mid-game, in late-game, with known Aces, against known Aces, with likely Aces, against likely Aces, with TD or other abilities up, etc.) are going to be different, and averaging them all out is probably going to give you worse information than your own game sense would.


Yeah, I’m leaning towards just having ABDT just keep a color-coded record of the plays, without any summarization.


I just pushed an update that should improve the card display. It’s got a known bug where some of the cards overflow, though.


That is phenomenal, except… yes, I know this is pedantic, but is there any way to make the red suits red up there? if not you’ve already done more than enough.


hmmm, if you want you can keep the hand cap at 12, since any extra card is discarded EoT.
Or 13/14 if you want to take into account the next turn draw (14 is gwen-exclusive)


Yeah, that’s on my todo list.

Yeah, that makes sense to me (unless you happen to want to track cards against Menelker in DSD form)


well, one could also consider ex gwen (15 start) but no one plays that online, neither is meelker DSD available :frowning:


The tracker doesn’t seem to display nicely in Chrome. Cards in hand get cut off on the left and right side of the screen.


sigh Browsers…

That said, I’m not seeing the issue on my chrome (which, admittedly, is running linux). Could you screen-shot it?


Tried it on a different monitor. No cut off, but the top of the screen cuts the top off the cards a bit.


I changed something that might have fixed the left-right cutoff… It seems like my padding/margin code is a bit off in your browser…


i have the same problem. The first row of cards is always slightly cut off in the upper part


It might work better now.


perfect :slight_smile:


great! all fixed. Tyvm mate!


Who can say about how people track gameplay in the privacy of their own home? Who cares? I, for one, am worried about ntillerisms’s; about how we need to regulate the pause feature so we have time to complete filling out our Yomi Hand Tracker. (just like he needed time to figure out Lum strategies) He was one of the most cringeworthy participants this game has ever attracted.

Say what you want about me, but at least I have learned to lose graciously and have had incremental growth since day one. I play for fun and nothing else.


I’m pretty sure all tournaments that run these days have clauses limiting pauses. I also know that for myself, I’d only be using the tracker with the game clock running, so if it takes too much time to use it, I’ll be optimizing it so that it’s easier to capture the data I need without sacrificing game time.


Word, man.
But if u read the tournament rules, now every partecipant has a limited amount of time out unless the opponent agrees, so ntillerism can be considered banned for example:


I don’t follow the argument that “if something is not enforceable, then it shouldn’t be banned.” To me, not banning something (that otherwise would be) just reinforces the justification of using it by someone who wants to. “Well, it’s not banned, so…”

In my relatively short time playing Yomi, 99% of the Yomi community I’ve encountered are great people. I would trust those 99% to respect a ban, even if it weren’t enforceable. I would not expect those same folks to respect a “not banned because we can’t enforce it”. Now, something “against the spirit of the game” is providing some players a benefit, so it naturally causes other players to then start using it if they want to be/remain competitive. It may lead to that thing becoming necessary and commonplace among the competitive players.

I don’t even feel right about players writing stuff down (or this program) during games. Is this something folks do during F2F matches? If so, then I would politely decline to play against them. If it’s against the spirit of Yomi in F2F, then why is it okay online merely because it can’t be enforced?

I’ll continue to play by my gut and (imperfect) memory. I am not a competitive player, and I still enjoy playing even when I lose horribly, but this type of excessive tracking rubs me the wrong way.