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Hello I am new here…so i want list of new games…


What do you mean?


like, of anything? What do you like?


Do you want a list of Sirlin’s games that can be played online?


This will hopefully tickle your fancy, or … possibly rustle your jimmies.


yeah… i want racing game list


like racing and fighting game


okzz thanks


yeah sure …


Fighting games:

Also Tekken, Guity Gear, Blazblue, Skullgirls, and KOF 14 are all on steam. Oh yeah and that street fighter game.

Racing? I like Kart Racer. Sonic all stars transformed is actually really good. There’s a game called Redout that’s sort of like f zero that I have that I really dig but don’t have the power to play


The best racing game I’ve played is TrackMania Nations Forever. It’s also free and on steam!
I also quite enjoyed Dirt 2, and I hear a lot of people like need for speed.




okeeyy…i will try


Don’t ever force Tekken onto someone unless they actively want it. Studying frame data for litteraly thousands of moves is not my idea of fun. (Tho I do it anyway :’( )


tekken competitively is very unforgiving
tekken at a casual level is extremely fun and cool looking to mash and then slowly learn other moves so that you can mash them


I still think it so weird to look at tekken on a casual level :stuck_out_tongue: but there are very cool animations in the game, and it is a lot more fluid motions than other fighters, since they are actively trying to animate the moves from start to finish.