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MMM1 1st half: P1 Red (Dreamfire) vs P2 Blue (FrozenStorm)


Wow, didn’t think about using just arrest on Turn 4 to completely trade boards and tech up… Or better yet, MTruth + Arrest + Patrol Scribe and skip worker… I still would have had a pretty shit Turn 5, but at least I would have been eliminating the BV threat…

Having them spaced the way you did, though, I wasn’t sure you’d gone for BV (I thought maybe the max Jaina had just been for value, destroying OC) and I just wasn’t thinking about trading Oni very much…

Really bold tech of Burning Volley on Turn 3, I figured you had teched both on turn 4…


Hmm, I can’t find mention of it anywhere in the rules thread nor in the db (as you said).

I’ll pose the question so there’s something on the record, but I’m 99% confident the topic has come up before (perhaps on the old forums?)


Thanks for the compliments, but I really don’t think I played this last game anywhere close to optimally. I’m happy it turned out the way it did, though, just because 4-1 reflects the substantial advantage Red has as P1.

I do think that trading into Jaina or playing a Free Speech around turns 4-5 would’ve spelt my doom, since I was way too invested in her. IIRC, one of our warm-ups went something like that and ended badly for me. But maybe that was a Blue P1 match?


@Dreamfire apologies, I had the Burning Volley and Ember Sparks mechanics wrong! Rules Questions thread


Interesting. I was just starting to think that clearing a single Resistant patroller might be a (very niche) advantage of Fire Dart/Flame Arrow over Ember Sparks, .