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Mixed Mirror Mayhem - In Progress

I’m no coach but you’re in!

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Yeah sure, why not.


eyyyy! :smiley:

Can I raise my Perse mirror w/r above 0%?


Have round 1 conversations gone out? If so, why haven’t I gotten one?

No, we delayed this until June 30th so that @mysticjuicer can join.

EDIT: And by we, I mean I.


Okay. Good to know. Thanks.

Heads up, I’m going to be sending out the first round matches in the next day or two, because I’ll be camping over the weekend.

Just a reminder: @Nopethebard, @Xiba, @Truffaz, @Hobusu, @Ivan, @Caralad, @Bomber678, @mysticjuicer, @Legion, @GirdotLV, you all are signed up.

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Also @SouthpawHare, who gets his own special post because the forum won’t let me tag more than 10 people.

Yo, I am?

… Yeah alright, I’ll just buster out in round one, it’ll be fine.

You were tentative, so I erred on the side of dragooning you in. :slight_smile:

I think I should drop out, unfortunately. I just found out yesterday that my parents are going to be moving soon, so I’ll be spending a lot of time helping them pack which leaves me little time to think about scheduling, especially since it’ll be harder to work around any time zone or schedule conflicts.

Ok, got it.

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I’m good to go, although I will also be camping this weekend, so card games will have to wait until next week.

Ok, first match for this tournament /i guess/.
Ivan vs Bomber - 4:1
:rook::psfist::pschip: - silent SMB for the win


@vengefulpickle i signed up for this :sob: why did you let me out?

Oh no! I thought I got everyone!

EDIT: oh good, just a funky bracket:


thanks! i didn’t know i got the bye, so i thought i had been forgotten :cold_sweat:

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@vengefulpickle Since you ended up with 11 players, would you want a late-joining number 12 to make the bracket less funky?

I wasn’t originally going to join this but that bracket makes me cry a little.

I don’t really want to adjust the bracket now. @Bomber678 and @Ivan already got a match-scheduling thread.

I’m going to post signups for the August tournament now.

EDIT: In fact, they already played their game!