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Lum's Lucky Lottery: 4th Times a Charm


Super kicking myself over that last game. Had a great start to the set, got a great MU to close it out, I’ve actually been practicing a bit of BBB recently… but my nerve broke and I went on a blind impatient tear, and that’s me out of the tournament. Gah.

Very good set though. Close, exciting and fun. All salt is self-directed.


That’d be cool! I’ll admit I haven’t been checking the calendar as much as I should, but it also looks like the last match didn’t get autoTO’d, so I figured I’d make a small appeal to the players. :slight_smile: It’s purely selfish on my part, after all: I find commentating my own matches really boring, especially compared to commentating live play from other people.


Yeah, I stopped adding the AutoTO messages to scheduling threads that aren’t mine, mostly out of laziness. Plus, I’m bad about running the script on weekends.


I’ll make sure we plan Grand Finals well in advance.


I may be like… 5 min late. Please wait? :heart:


Apparently I’m here early instead! :smiley:


Losers’ finals


:quince: :psfist::pschip: :gwen: In trademark style I take my foot off the gas at 60hp-8hp and almost lose.
:lum: :pschip::psfist: :gwen: Oops
:lum: :pschip::psfist: :gloria: Oh no
:lum: :pschip::psfist: :midori: OH NO SO MUCH DAMAGE
:lum: :psfist::pschip: :quince: Finally I manage to do Lum things.
:vendetta: :psfist::pschip: :quince: My main for this tournament is back.
:vendetta: :psfist::pschip: :jaina: VENDETTA CLOSES IT OUT

My first Grand Finals!



Great set @snoc!

A little note.
In the chat time after match I said that I was hoping you stuck on Lum, since tonight cards didn’t seem on his side… but damn me! I asked you to re-random after Lum-Quonce!!! So silly… :rofl:

Best of luck in Grand final!


Grand finals!

Spoiler tags for thos who want to watch the VODS

Caralad wins 4-3 vs @snoc

:argagarg: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta:
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta:
:bbb: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta:
:onimaru: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta:
:onimaru: :psfist: :pschip: :quince:
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :quince:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :menelker:

GG’s to everyone! Well played snoc you brought me right to the wire

Correct thread this time



Oh man, that “Oh my god!” when you bonecrackered me was priceless.


It’s funny, because I bet if you synced up my video with snoc’s, we say the exact same thing at the exact same time. :smile:


Well now I need that video uploaded so I can compare and contrast