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[LTD2] Legion [Demon]/Finesse/Necro vs sKiTTer [demon]/future/law


P1T6 hope this is game


Hand : dp, starlett, sac+discord
Tech: gguide, soul stone
Thoughts : down on hand [/details]

  1. Get 9 Gold (9), tech 2 cards
  2. worker (8)
  3. dark pact, base takes 2 i draw 2
  4. midvandy taps disc 1 fetch metam (7)
  5. metamorphosis (1) maestro, fencer 1+2 to gyard. garth maxb summoning grounded guide kills tech 1, base takes 2
  6. riverkills tech 1, base takes 2 and garth kills tech 2, base takes 2
  7. garth makes a skele (0)
  8. disc 1 draw 3


Workers : 4+PBR+archery+jandra+imp+haunt+discord
Discard : dp, sac, jav, summon
New Hand : dp, det, summon skele [/details]



  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: skele 2/+A
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger:
  • :exhaust: Technician: Grounded guide 4/4
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play : graveyard 3 [fencer, fencer, maestro], Vandy 6/4, river 5/6, garth 5/6, (all invisible)

  • Base : 18
  • Tech I: 5
  • Tech II finesse: 2
  • Heroes Hall: 4
  • Discard : 5
  • Deck : 2
  • Workers : 10
  • Gold: 0
  • Hand : 3


hmmm not to bother ya but should be checkmate, since even if u build tower, summon omegacron to patrol, i can t1 sac garth to consume detection and deal 11 (ur base is now at 14 so down to 3) turn after, even if u build tower again, i sac river/vandy and deal the last 3. tower cannot spot more than 1 invisi


Ye have little faith XD your base is at 16 btw

Player 2, Turn 6

P1 [Demon]/Necro/finesse vs P2 [Demon]/Future/Law

[details=Starting Hand]
Gilded Glaxx
Pestering Haunt
Sacrifice the Weak

##Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (10+1float)
  • Tech 1 card in

[details=All Teched Cards]
Judgment Day, Soul Stone
Omegacron, Injunction
Injunction, Gilded Glaxx
Gargoyle, Gilded Glaxx


  • Bigby kills SQL, sacrifice him to Omegacron
  • Vandy (9)
  • Sacrifice the Weak, Guide dies, graveyard overflows, you draw 1 (7)
  • Sacrifice vandy and 3 workers to summon Omegacron
  • Tower (4)
  • Vir (2)

Graveyard, Poisonblade Rogue, Jandra, the Negator, Summon Skeletons, Skeletal Archery

  • :pspurpleshield: Patrol as below
  • Discard 2 rs Draw 4
  • Tech 2 cards before my next turn

###Board Info:

  • :heart: Base HP: 14
  • Tech1 HP: 5
  • Tech2 HP: DOWN Future
  • Tower HP: 4

####In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Omegacron (9/7+1armor)
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :pspig: Scavenger:
  • :exhaust: Technician: Vir (2/3 lvl 1)
  • :target: Lookout:

####In Play:

###Economy Info:


  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 9
  • Disc: 0


  • Gold: 2
  • Workers: 7

[details=End of Turn Hand]
Judgment Day
Sacrifice the Weak

[details=End of Turn Discard][spoiler]


[details=My Thoughts]
Pray no StW


JK You’re right, I need to edit my turn slightly…


dude i had won, was posting :frowning2:

@frozenstorm not to be that guy, but imo in a tourney if u do a legal turn u cannor redo.
This game was meant to be tourney like, not casual tho


Lol it’s been 2 minutes dude, if you’d rather just win than see how it plays out that’s fine with me but this is 100% for fun, might as well see if you can beat it (I expect you can still)


sorry, ur right, plz redo.
Is jsut that i am sadly a sourpuss hungry for victory :sob: and that sometimes takes the best of me


Edit’s in, you were right that bringing out Omegacron now has to happen for me to have any kind of shot, and you not having StW. So perhaps it’s silly to wax about anyway lol


P1T7 euff, gg mate. question: did u realize that when i would have killed bigby u could not have summoned heroes next turn if u survived this turn?


Hand : dp, summon skele, det, star cross(tech) javelin+fencer (dp), fencer, maestro, dp, sac (garth)
Thoughts : draw it all! [/details]

  1. Get 10 Gold (10), tech 0 cards draw 1 for tech
  2. dp i draw 1 rs draw 1
  3. summon skele, garth makes a skele (6)
  4. sac all 3 to draw 3 more
  5. javelin (5) sac and draw
  6. sac the weak (3) omega dies
  7. maestro (0)
  8. nimble, nimble, starlett for free
  9. garth kills bigby. u draw,
  10. river, vandy, starlett and nimblex2 deal 18 dmg to base, to -4

honestly i think that losing vandy like that and the double tech building down had sealed the deal.
No heroes next turn would have been nasty.


I was fine with losing Vandy early, I regret not using Gargoyle to kill Vandy on Turn 4 (via maxbanding my own Vandy). I needed to better respect how impossible 3-hero meta would be to deal with, and I did not expect to lose Gargoyle there.

It was unfortunate my Haunt got deteriorated, as that would have allowed a non Vandy-max kill on your Vandy. Injunction is really solid for taking care of Fencer rush, so there was a shot to use that to buy enough time, but certainly it wasn’t going to be easy against the haunt jav vandy opening.

GG WP, I had fun trying this deck out @sKiTTer!


do u mean t4 u should have skipped Tech II for maxvandy?
yeah, killing my vandy would have changed everything. when i have put her in SQL i did not consider it, i was just giving the choice to either consume all ur attacks to kill her and give me space for a counterstrike or stall (like u did) honestly the idea of spending 4 gold+maxvandy for a single attack does not seem ideal.