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Lore Question: Balance?


Who is the character in the Fantasy Strike universe most concerned with balance?


Balance in what sense? DeGrey is concerned with equality and justice. Midori is concerned with fairness and cultivating a balanced outlook on life in himself and his students. Grave must balance the conflicting teachings of his two mentors. Persephone has a finely-balanced plan for her long-term agenda… Setsuki has really good balance (but BBB has actual gyroscopes so his might be even better).


Hmm. I’d say Midori.


Yeah, from @ArthurWynne’s description, I think Midori is what I would have gone with. I was looking for someone to name my new tournament format after. But I ended up going with a nice backronym.


In hindsight, Midori’s status as the Balance Hero of Codex should’ve made that obvious… :wink:


Yeah, I knew there was a balance spec, but I don’t know Codex, so I didn’t know who the heroes were.


Zane is a balanced character




Is this a teaser for Fantasy Strike: Infinity War?