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I found a bug in the Yomi app and need to know who to contact


Anyone know who I should contact for a found bug? Thanks!


I know @Thelo is the main programmer for Yomi, so he’s probably the one to talk to. What’s the bug, though?


Valerie’s Splash of Color on her King. When it hits clean, it’s the proper 1 combo point. If it hits via Splash of Color, though, it’s charging 2 combo points. I’ve recreated it and took a screenshot.


If you have Discord, Thelo tends to respond on there faster than on the forums (and he seems to be online right now). Here’s the link to the Sirlin Games server, for your convenience if you aren’t already on there:


Thanks, man. I didn’t know about Discord. Pretty cool. I messaged Thelo there.


That bug’s been around for ages, iirc. I wonder how severely it impacts Valerie’s balance.


Imho it affects only the iOS since i have played val a ton on both steam and the old online client and nothing ever happened. K always uses 1 combo point


It shouldn’t be around anymore, though! Even if it’s not going to affect Val’s combo potential a ton, it shouldn’t influence it at all! :o


There was some discussion about it on Discord, and apparently it only applies to the iOS version if and only if you’re playing offline against a bot. While playing online the rules will be synced with the server, and that bug isn’t there on the server’s copy of the rules. So basically, if you want to practice as Val against an AI on iOS, you can get around the bug by setting up an online room and then putting an AI as the opponent instead of a human. Is it dumb? Yes, but it could be much worse – it will never affect any games against human opponents, and it can be worked around against bots.


Ah, okay! I didn’t realize that this bug was so specific! I thought that it could apply to online matches as well, but I haven’t played :chibivalerie: in a bitte! Thanks for the clarification, Hobusu! :smiley_cat: (It would be nice to see the bug removed entirely, just to avoid inconsistency, but it doesn’t seem like a thing that should take priority over other development responsibilities at the moment.)