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G.Panda Golden Coin?


hello, I wonder what is that Golden Coin?
Thank you very much!!



Or are you talking about Cointoss? is it part of lums EX abilities?



Since this is posted in the Yomi category and specifically mentions G. Panda in the title, I assumed it referred to that bonus character’s abilities. [Here’s the Yomibase page for G. Panda]
(, and [here’s the product page for the deck]
( I thought the question was something like “what do you use as the panda coin (or coins?) for G. Panda ability?”


so that Panda Coin is used to " replace your combat card with the top card of your deck. (Choose the side of the new card before revealing it)" and its tied with 6? i haven´t read all abilities, now that makes a sense.
I though its ability from Pandante, where you can draw some cards and then discard the same number of cards.


it can also be used with the ten to return face cards to your hand.


thanks a lot!