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FSX 2017 Registration


Yes there is casual play the whole time. You can generally hang out and play whatever. Even “after hours” last year lots of people played Codex in the lounge just outside of the event room, ha.

And yeah, tournament registration is part of the event registration at


tickets purchased, will be landing mid-day thursday.


@Penatronic @Alhazard this hopefully isn’t too late but your both welcome to room with me and @mysticjuicer if you want.


I’ve got a good friend that lives in Oakland I’m going to crash wit, thanks for the offer and i look forward to meeting you guys.


Update! We’ve managed to renegotiate the hotel registration prices to $110/night. You can find the updated information at The deadline for registration has also been extended to May 20th!

If you already booked, don’t worry; the new price will be reflected at the counter when you arrive.


Hey guys! We’re about 3 weeks away from the registration deadline, so I wanted to fish around to see if there were any previous years’ attendees/California players that plan to come to FSX this year, but haven’t signed up yet!

@sharpobject @Fry @ClanNatioy @Zero-Integral @Gavisi @SirHandsome @Aphotix @jasonwocky @Fivec @Zqxx

Did you guys have any interest in attending the event? Just wondering.


I’m also curious if any of those 10 people are coming.


I have plenty of interest. Just in the process of seeing if I can make various schedules work so I can attend the event.


Don’t think I can afford the plane ticket this year. I’ll try to tune in for the livestream though!


I will probably be coming, yes


Have I interest? Definitely yes. Have I the means to do it? Unclear as of now. :confounded:


I got a room. thanks.


Yomi FSX 2016 defending champ hype!


Good news and bad news

Good news is that I think I’ve roped my sister into coming!
Bad news is that there is now only one slot left for VIP access to @mysticjuicer’s patented “goodnight, sleep tight” high-fives.


Unless an unfortunate event happens it looks like I’ll be able to make it this year. Is there a bro room only that still has room? I don’t think my wife would appreciate me sleeping in a room with another woman.

Also what days did people schedule their rooms? I was planning on getting there Thursday afternoon and leaving on Monday.

Get ready to face my rusty Yomi, Codex, and Pandante plays.


Well, I can vouch that she is pretty reserved so nothing is going to happen unless you pursue her. Buuuuuuuuuut I know that is unlikely to sway the waifu so maybe @Thelo still has room and is presumably willing to share?

Edit: I’ll be checking in Thursday and out Monday since it wasn’t really clear.


My room has @Alhazard and @Xom in it at the moment, I would be up to share for a fourth spot if needed. I’m checking in on Thursday and checking out on Sunday.


Did someone say… livestream?!


I will try. Let’s see how spotty the internet is.

If anything, I’ll record the final day’s festivities and upload it to YouTube to check out.


If there’s a spot available I’d like to take it.

I tried getting a room as well but it appears the special rate is over because the rooms were going for $200+ a night.

Also just to make things easier on me what’s the address of the hotel where FSX is being held?