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Fite me


i got like 20+ minutes to kill fight me.


im the world champ of yomi


Jonny, what is your opinion on the Panda vs G Panda misprints?


I don’t have opinions, I only have facts and I’m the world champion of Yomi.


Hard to argue with that logic, champ.

So what are the facts, does Panda Q have chip damage? Is his 10 a 4 or 3 pump? Does straight flush activate all 10* powers or just 2?


-Yes, but the chip damage is negative one.
-10 is a 4 pump, but only if pumped with 4s.
-2, but you can use the same one twice.


I’m not sure I was expecting something different. At least everything’s cleared up now.


I’ll be home 5 ESTish to whenever reply to this thread if you want to d-d-d-d-d-uel.


A new challenger appears!