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Favorite Yomi Match Videos - What is Yours?


I don’t know about other people, but I have watched some Yomi. My favorite video is the IYL Season 1 Grand Finals: Raziek vs. Mercyful Fate. I love when Raziek confidently states (after he blocks a Troq J with Geiger), “I know how to dance this dance.” A young @mysticjuicer was spotted blowing the airhorns. Also, the music choice for the video gets me pumped. Check out the link below. If you have a favorite video, feel free to post yours.



This is juicer’s favourite match.

Juicer loves value


I loved this video, especially the start!

IYL2 Grand Finals


Those damn trolls… got us good.


My favorites are always @mysticjuicer 's latest one. I also like @snoc 's introspective commentary. I do remember a diemydarlinbg video at that had me rolling on the floor laughing. I went there to find it but all his videos are gone. :cry: Acerbic and funny


This! :smiley: :smiley:


I do wish that @mysticjuicer did more Codex videos. I’ve never really connected with Yomi except on a basic level so most of what he discusses goes right past me; his commentary on Codex is always very enjoyable and I’ve learned a lot.




Someone mentioned that IYL 5 was being organized so I decided to drop by and see how the community is doing and found this thread. So I’ll just leave this nostalgic video here. Also @mysticjuicer because I love him.


Any match I happen to be featured in, mostly because it’s interesting to see how people try to interpret some of my more unorthodox plays.

It doesn’t hurt that I happen to be that guy that happens to laugh at his own jokes.


This was my favorite broadcasted match that I played. Neigutten had crushed me earlier in the season with Onimaru. I was using Zane. Raziek (hands down no. 1 Zane) talked about how difficult this match was. This made me more determined to play well.

I decided to play this match with no CP, just Oni vs. Zane. It was a very fun IYL round 1 playoff match. I got the win, but it would still rank highly for me even if I lost. Also, this is a subtle hint to bring back one of my favorite casters @neigutten.



Watch me get admonished by @mysticjuicer for about an hour for being a noob. Honestly, I learned a lot from his commentary. Way more pleasant than getting a coaching session from @MadKing IRL. But then again, I learned a lot from him too. mysticjuicer vs. FaceOnMars


For all my criticism, that set was extremely close!


I am… very partial to this video ;D


Aside from videos of myself (it’s not an ego thing it’s a learning thing!) I enjoy the one Jonny shared the most. MIIGGGOOOOOO