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Dril tweets + Codex


here, enjoy this idea that I stole from @drilmagic


I am dying :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


What…is that? Did Jack Nicholson have a manic episode on Twitter?


Fairly famous Twitter comedian. Famous for their surreal and infinitely quotable tweets.


This is phenomenal @GRAG, props sir


Thanks. I stay away from Twitter completely. I have an account, in the technical sense of “I created one 8 years ago,” but ignored it until months back when some guy in Georgia tried to hack it.

Good job, Mr. Guy in Tblisi or Whatever, you found out I like Tori Amos, Morphine and Chris Jericho.












Please tweet that! I made @CodexDril because I was bored and grumpy from getting my ass kicked by Slay the Spire all day today.


Feel free to just download and reuse any of these if you’d like more to post on @codexdril