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Codex Tracking Spreadsheet


Yea, that was a stash bug. Thanks! The current version has fixed that issue. Please get a fresh sheet from the link above and try to replicate the problem and let me know the results.

As for the shrine base health, it happens during upkeep, not during discard draw, so I would not automate it, just in case your opponent was 1 shy of lethal damage.


thanks for your hardwork. it helps in playing Codex PbF.

BTW, it would help if there is a description on how to use the spreadsheet, like copy paste or just write down the cards in respective cells

Casual: FrozenStorm (Blue) vs Geekmate (White)

I tried to make it so that dragging cards around the sheet would work, as well as copy paste or just typing in the cards. If there is a method that doesn’t seem to work right, let me know :smiley:


I have 3 questions:

  1. What do you mean by “click and drag”? I tried doing that, but at least on computer all I could do is highlight multiple things, not move them.
  2. Does it matter if there’s empty spaces in the hand area between cards? I’ve been moving cards up to fill the spaces where the cards I played used to be, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to.
  3. Could the feature that makes a link for each player’s deck be made to recognize monocolor decks? For example, if I use [Anarchy]/Blood/Fire, it should link to


Works just like in Excel: Select all cells you want to move, then click and drag from the edge of that selection. Your cursor should change before clicking if youve got the right spot.

I haven’t tried zhavier’s sheet yet but since it’s originally based on my own, empty spaces should not matter.


Zejety has it all correct. As for resolving the link to the monocolor instead of the 3 specs, I am unclear why it would be helpful, the two pages show the exact same information.


I suppose it’s not that important, but changing it would make it clearer at a glance that it’s monocolor, as opposed to something slightly different. Thank you both for your help!


One thing that might be nice (but certainly isn’t necessary) would be the option to choose a whole color at once, rather than having to pick each of the 3 specs individually.


That is something I could implement, I think. And while I am at it could probably make the alternate monocolor link appear.


Thanks! I have been tweaking the formatting for the post template on my copy, so I’d appreciate instructions on how to add that functionality once you’ve worked it out.


A feature of Zejety’s sheet that I didn’t maintain was a more user friendly way to edit the post formatting. It might be easier to just reimplement that feature than give instructions on doing an update.


The IT department bears no responsibility for user modifications of its programs. This voids the warranty. No refunds. Use mods with caution. Here there be dragons. :wink:


I have a question guys

if I have this situation, shouldnt I be drawing from my discard pile before the teched cards are added to it?
Its not what its happening…


Tech cards are added at the beginning of your turn. In the picture, those tech cards would be added to the discard when you select discard/draw along with the 2 cards in hand, and then everything would be moved to the deck, and 4 of those cards would be drawn into your hand randomly.


I don’t understand how the money/worker thing works.

It says “worker: -1”. What does that mean?

There is a thing where it says “Gold Float”. Do you have to put whatever gold you float there? Or is it supposed to show up there automatically?

Do you have to enter the “Get paid” number manually? Or does it change automatically after entering cards into the “workers” column?


That’s the action of hiring a worker, which costs 1 gold. If you look way below there, it should show how much gold you have left after hiring a worker (and any other actions you take).

That’s automatic. Don’t worry about it.

That’s also automatic. As long as you put whatever card you turn into a worker in the workers column, it’ll give you the correct amount of gold for your next turn when you click discard/draw.


Hobusu is correct, but don’t forget that if your scavenger dies then you’ll have to manually enter the extra gold from that on your next turn.

@zhavier: It might be a good idea to provide some additional instructions for users in the OP. I imagine an additional paragraph or so would preempt a lot of questions.


Yeah, I forgot about that one. Still, that’s the only part that has to be done manually that has to do with gold.

This would be extremely helpful! Especially since people are sometimes asking the same questions as each other, a small FAQ box somewhere on the sheet would reduce the number of questions by quite a bit.

One suggestion I’d like to make is adding an indicator for how many workers you have at a given moment. It’s not hard to figure it out manually once you understand the sheet, but it would help new users a lot by making it clearer that “Worker -1” is an action. Actually, that would also be a lot clearer if it said “Hire a Worker” instead – then there would be no ambiguity (but people would still ask how to see the number of workers they have, so my first request stands).


I humbly request a list of frequently asked questions with answers, as I am not sure when I will get around to this. If someone kindly creates it, I’ll add it to the OP.


Worth noting that this is basically just a timesaving thing. It won’t adjust your number of workers, for one. (The spreadsheet calculates Worker # by looking at whether you’re P1 or P2, then adding the number of cards in your Workers column.)