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[Codex Meet Ups] Toronto, Canada


It’s a date. :smiley:


Let me know once you know so I can pencil this in, eh?


Ok so the 26th is good. I might be there around 1-2pm though.


I will be in Toronto on the 29th if anyone wants to get together then too. Good friend had me hooked on the game! Really interesting meta’s being developed! :slight_smile:


@Akarashi i assume you mean Oct 29th and not Nov 29th correct?


Just FYI - and apologies for any confusion - we were discussing November 26th.


Okay, I’ve confirmed the time for November 26th @ noon, 401 games near Wellesley station. Hope to see you all there!


FYI. The blue/black expansion is in stock at 401games!


Look what i pick up from the Post office today!

Totally ready for the coming meet up :smiley:


Bump: reminder to everyone, the next Mostly Codex Get Together is happening Saturday, November 26th at 401 Games!


Who needs a reminder, seriously? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait! The 26th cant come soon enough.


Reminder bump! It’s all going down again this Saturday, Saturday, SATURDAY! With iPhone recordings even!


You better bring extra battery packs! Or a really long charging cable. :grinning:


I’ve got both!


I’m gonna try to get there early and grab the big table in the quiet room.


I’ll try to do the same, and maybe we can get a game of Codex in before anyone else shows up. :blush:


Sound like a good idea to me. I have a new combination I wanna test out hehe :grin:

@ap49 I know ur coming a little later but I want that rematch


Woooooooooo! :smile:


Oh alright. It’s on. It’s on like donkey kong.

Maybe I’ll bring some of my theory-crafted decks…maybe.


We are at the faaaaaar side of the long room, near the windows.