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[Codex Meet Ups] Toronto, Canada


Can’t make it to this anymore :frowning: have fun guys!


Another time. :slight_smile:


@lettucemode Ah. Too bad. Next meetup then.

@mysticjuicer any thought about a start time?


I suppose I should eventually settle on something, eh? :smile: Alright, let’s do 2pm. If you can’t show up at 2pm, that’s fine, drop in whenever, but that’s when I’ll aim to be there. Obviously if people want to show up ahead of time, that’s cool too!


2pm is promising. I’ll confirm later this week.


I can’t personally go, but a cousin of mine whom I taught the game to yesterday might drop by.


Cool! I’ll keep an eye out!


Ok. I’m confirmed for 2pm. :grinning:


I should get there around 3 ish.


Hey everyone, just FYI, my best friend is having a bit of a family emergency. I’m not sure whether I’ll be needed, but if I am may be either late to arrive, or need to leave early. I’ll update this thread as soon as I know for sure either way. I hope that, even if in the worst case, where I’m not able to show up, that everyone that does will have a good time.

I will try to organize more of these, more regularly in the future.


That fine with me, family and friends always comes first. I just hope whatever the problem they are facing can come to a quick resolution.

On a side note codex deluxe has not arrived yet but will still take on any challenger with my PnP version


@mysticjuicer sorry to hear. Family and friends definitely come first. I hope everything turns out ok.


I should be there around 2pm, maybe a bit later, but will have to leave earlier in the afternoon! See you all soon!


Here a little early even! :grinning: The usual spot by the windows is taken up by some event, so we’re further back this time!


Well I would have been there for 2pm. But there is track maintanence on the subway from Lawrence west to St. George. On the bus now to St. George. :rage:


Ouch. Godspeed!


Omg I’m so sorry everyone work is making me do overtime maybe another hour before I can leave. If your gone before I get there see you at the next one


Thanks to everyone who could come out! Was a pleasure getting some games in and seeing you fine folks again! If you missed it, you can see some of the pictures I took on twitter @mysticjuicer, and worry not, because I’m planning the next meet up. right. this. second!

When: November 26th @ noon
Where: 401 Games, just like last time

@ap49 (let me know which of the two Saturdays works for you)


@mysticjuicer I had an awesome time yesterday. I’m really debating using chess clocks next time, but then I wouldn’t have had that epic game with @UTRALAW but chess clocks would mean more codex games. Decisions, decisions.

Right now I think the 26th is working better for me. I’ll need to see later this week.


I think bringing chess clock is a great idea! And yes @ap49 totally “rune” me in our match =p

Looking forward to the next meeting thanks to juicer for planning one so soon I still want a match with your white deck good sir