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Certain Yomi decks not sold individually?


So I was showing Yomi to a guy today and he seemed really interested. I told him he could buy a deck individually(I also mentioned steam but he seems like a physical player) for 10 bucks if he knew who he wanted. He seemed really interested in Setsuki. Flash forward a few hours where I actually check the site and find that decks can indeed be bought for $10. All except for round 1 and round 2 characters like Setsuki and Onimaru which are bundled in their respective rounds.

Why? Was it a convenience of print runs? Am I missing somewhere where I can actually buy just a single Setsuki deck? I might end up just selling him my Setsuki deck and buying a round 1 box to replace it. I can use the extra characters as giveaways to drag people into the game like some freaky deaky reverse Hansel and Gretel shit.


Selling the same thing in different sku’s is more expensive. So the round 1 and round 2 packages are only sold as package deals.


Eeeeeeeeyup. This is the perfectly good reasoning behind it, but it’s a little rough. I sympathize with @Shax. Wanting a :quince: deck is the only reason I am the reluctant owner of a :bbb:, :troq:, and :onimaru: deck. :unamused:


LOL opposite problem for me i only got Round 2 because i wanted :chibionimaru: and :bbb: also :chibitroq: being included was a nice bonus but poor old :codexquince: still has his plastic wrap on :smirk:


Y’all should do math trades. :slight_smile:


There was brief period of time before Round 1 was out were you could buy the decks individually. I purchased Grave and Sets at that time. Now, if I ever want to get Jaina or Midori, I have to buy 2 decks I don’t need.


Hm, do you have the v1 decks? Those were sold individually iirc.


I think they were sold in packs of two.


Yep, the v1 decks were sold in packs of two. And honestly, I think ALL of the Yomi v2 decks should’ve come in “Round” packs with 4 decks each.

Right now, if someone wants to get started with Yomi and their favorite character is Rook, sure, they can buy a single Rook deck, but then they still have to buy one of the Round boxes to get the rulebook and life tracker.


Eh, the rulebook is available online and you can buy a bazillion means for tracking life in any gaming store.

That being said, I like the distribution of the German edition by Pegasus.
They sell a single small-as-can-be core which includes Grave and Jaina. And then every other deck is sold separately. I’m not sure, but I think you can even buy single Stormborne decks.


@lettucemode It is v2, Grave has his updated KtO and counter ability. Also, the normal attacks mention drawing cards on block, which is very much after v1.


I just met the same guy again to play a few rounds of Yomi. He picked it up pretty fast and seemed to be really enjoying himself. Then he landed a 68 damage Geiger combo and that sealed the deal.

Another guy got roped in because he saw us playing and needed to wait for his ride. We played one round of Ven vs Troq (I was ven) because he said he liked rogues and barbarians. I wall dived him a few times, did 34 damage in one big combo, acrobatics a few combats, and still lost. Troq is stupid ok! He seemed to really like it though.

I sold the first guy my setsuki and gloria decks. I warned him that gloria was hard to play, but he wanted to show the game to a friend who reportedly “really loved playing healers”. I realize now that I sold him my decks with the foil aces in them though, oops. Well, can’t be mad if it means more players!