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Casual Witspur (mono Purple) vs Emajor (mono Red)


Yes, if you click “Draw 1 Card”, which is right next to the Discard/Draw button, it will randomly give you a card from the cards left in your deck. Usually certain abilities will require drawing of cards, but I’m fine if you use it to correct the board state.


Thank you!


Mission accomplished. We can press forward at your leisure.


Also, I don’t remember ever damaging your Tech II building, but it says it’s at 2 HP instead of 5.


Aye. I was thinking the Glider did it, but he took out Pryn. Thanks for the catch.

You’re wreaking enough havoc on my forces. I don’t need to be giving you phantom hits.


This has no effect on the game, but before I stated that Glider traded with Prynn, when actually Glider doesn’t take damage back but instead dies at end of turn. This time I didn’t make that mistake. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tech StartingHand Workers

Pirate Gunship
Pirate Gunship

Bloodrage Ogre
Shoddy Glider
Gunpoint Taxman (Desperation 1)
Gunpoint Taxman (Desperation 1)
Desperation (Desperation 1)
Scorch (Desperation 2)
Crashbarrow (Desperation 2)
Pirate Gunship (Desperation 2)

Careless Musketeer


Makeshift Rambaster
Pirate Gunship


Pirate Gunship
Shoddy Glider

Tech 2 card(s)
Get Paid + float - ($15)
Scav Bonus - ($16)
Drakk - ($14)
Bloodrage Ogre - ($12)
Shoddy Glider - ($11)
Cast Charge! on the Shoddy Glider - ($9)
Cast Desperation, trash and draw 3
Gunpoint Taxman - ($7)
Gunpoint Taxman - ($5)
Cast Desperation, trash and draw 3
Worker - ($4)
Crashbarrow - ($1)
Shoddy Glider kills Geiger, Drakk to L3, you get a gold
Midband Drakk - ($0)
Crashbarrow trades with Tricycloid, overpowers 2 to your Tech II
Discard hand at end of main phase
Shoddy Glider dies

Float ($0)
Discard 0, draw 2

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Bloodrage Ogre 3/2 + A
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger: Gunpoint Taxman 3/3
  • :pschip: Technician: Gunpoint Taxman 3/3
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play:

  • Drakk L4 2/3


  • :heart: Base HP: 20
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 4
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 5 (Blood)

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 2
  • Deck: 5
  • Disc: 3


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 10

So I miscalculated my gold from forgetting the 2 gold for Drakk. I guess I can put off Tech III for a turn. This whole game I’ve been insanely lucky with topdecks, as well as the perfect T3 hand for breaking Tech I.
Well there goes both Gunships. I guess that means I have gold for Zane next turn, but if I can break Tech II Jaina might be better.


Looks like it’s a wrap. For posterity’s sake, I’ll post my turn. I used Vir’s ability to Peek at my top card. It wasn’t what I was hoping for. But for future reference, if I had wanted to level her up and play the card off the top, would I cut it from the “Top of Deck” cell and put it into my hand or would I cut it and move it straight to the “Action” column (or does it make any difference)? I read the, “Do not drag cards out of that cell,” sentence and didn’t know which cell it was referring to.



Tech StartingHand Workers


Time Spiral
Battle Suits
Neo Plexus

Temporal Research
Forgotten Fighter
Fading Argonaut


Void Star

Tech 2 card(s)
Get Paid - ($9)
No Worker - ($NaN)
Hyperion - ($NaN)
Vir - ($NaN)
Peek at Top Card
Scavenger - ($NaN)

Float ($NaN)
Discard 4, draw 2, reshuffle, draw 3

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Hyperion 4/5 +A
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger: Vir 2/3
  • :pschip: Technician:
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play:


  • :heart: Base HP: 18
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 3 (Present)
  • :heart: Tech Lab HP: 4 (Future)

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 10
  • Disc: 0


  • Gold: #NUM!
  • Workers: 9


Turn 6 did me in. That and Origin Story wasn’t nearly as effective as I had hoped it would be. I must also fine tune my Teching. Experienced the problem with my gold not showing up once again. I looked back and on each of the turns it happened, I did not field a worker. Is there a certain way to select “No Worker”?


Just delete the data in the cell that says Worker and the gold cost to its right, then use those cells for any other action. More generally, as long as you make sure that the values in the gold column are always either a number or blank with no text inside it should work.


Understood. I had manually typed out “No Worker” and then left the numerical value blank. From now on I’ll be sure to delete both fields. Thank you.


Just so it’s clear, the word worker and the gold cost for it aren’t magic or anything! They’re just normal text and a normal number respectively, and if you select the cell with the gold value and hit delete that’s all you need to do to prevent errors from happening. I just suggested deleting both so that you don’t make it look like you’re getting a free worker if you forget to replace the word worker with something else.


Hmm. One time I entered 0 in the cell to the right of where I typed “No Worker” and then the second time I just deleted the -1 that was to the right of the “Worker” cell and typed, once again, “No Worker” where the word worker used to be. All that is to say, I screwed something else up, then, because zero or no value was on my Doc. Has this been observed before I wonder? Or might it be a problem on my end of things?

I did it right then, so I messed up somewhere else. Any ideas?


I have seen something like it before, though I don’t think there would necessarily be anything in common between my case and yours. I always reverted back to before the error happened and tried again, and that seemed to fix it. Maybe if @zhavier saw your sheet he could figure out what happened?


You didn’t leave it blank, it appears you entered a space or other text item. NaN specifically means “not a number” meaning something other than a number was in the cell.


That explains it. I pushed the spacebar which erased the -1. I thought that was a cleared field. Thank you, gentlemen.


Sorry I’m late. GG!

If you want, we can start another game in the same thread. Let me know if you want to change the matchup. Though I usually like to discuss some things about the game first.

Before I look at the hidden information I just wanted to say that I had some pretty lucky draws this game. Like the turn 4/5 Shoddy Glider topdeck, and the Crashbarrow draw from the T6 reshuffle. I was also kind of doubtful of how optimal my T3 was. It seemed really risky to empty my hand and slow my cycling just to slow your techs down by a turn. Really I just didn’t want to build Tech II because I can’t draw any new cards. I could have skipped the worker so I could play a worker and another card while still guaranteeing a reshuffle. Then basically the rest of my game was a result of that T3, stalling until I can make full use of Desperation


On Turn 6, if I didn’t worker a unit or build a Tech lab, I could have spent those two gold on maxbanding Geiger. Then I could have flickered the Tricycloid and broken either your Tech 1 or 2 building with its runes. But you had just gotten to 10 workers and I didn’t want to fall any further behind in that race and I also wanted Zane off the board. To be honest, I was more worried about your big body potential (ie. Octopus and Ogre) than I was about anything else. I considered the fact that you might have some Gliders coming my way, but was a turn late in reacting (Tech Lab Future). One other thing, I thought Origin Story was going to have a major impact in this game, I was wrong. When dealing with Drakk, I’m better off sacrificing units to kill him. Origin Story turned out to be no more than a minor speed bump.


I think Origin Story is a nice tempo play, but it essentially is pay a card and 3 gold to get rid of 5 gold worth of Drakk levels. So early it’s good, but you drew into it rather late, so I could resummon him if I wanted to.


I could have teched Origin Story in turn 2 instead of turn 3, and then possibly pulled it for use in turn 3. That would have made a significant difference in the way your turn played out. But I would have still been relying on a random draw to pull it when I needed it. I’m still exploring the differences between playing as Player 1 vs. Player 2, and O.S. seems more reactive than proactive, so it probably wasn’t a good idea to tech it in the first place as P1.