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[Casual] charnel_mouse Green vs. bolyarich Brown (Zurk Collective)

Fairy 1 hp

No, it had armour from the Rampant Growth.

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Remember that a unit cannot benefit from Midori and Calamandra’s midbands at the same time; Calamandra’s gives them an ability, which cancels out Midori’s.

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Whichever one was present first is the one that sticks, right? So the Wisp would be 0/1 with resist 1? I might need to redo in that case.

Calamandra overrides. Midori’s is conditional, Calamandra’s is not.


I,ll wait for your redo

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You were probably thinking of Midori and Behind the Ferns, since each of their effects can directly impact whether the other ability works.

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Yeah, that’s exactly the one I was thinking of.

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Redone the draw, otherwise the turn is pretty similar; I’ve just gone for a double-tech break instead of a base kill.

Thanks for spotting the error, Bomber!

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Cross-posting my current thoughts for convenience. Interested in @bolyarich’s thoughts on this so far.

One starter card we haven’t seen yet is Spine Crawler. However, this seems like a pure stalling card, which might prove to be futile against Green, which can build up an economy more quickly in a slowly-developing game.


GG, let’s wait a bit for Brown changes

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GG! Happy to switch colours while you wait if you’d like, see if I can make something happen?

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we can see what can brown do as p1, i’m ready to start after friday, it’s ok for you? (i want to pilot brown)

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Sounds good! Happy to wait longer until your CAWS games calm down a bit.



Gl hf

StartingHand Workers

Zurkling Rush
Spine Crawler
Creep Tumor



inject Larva


Zurkling Rush
Spine Crawler

Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid - ($4)
Worker - ($3)
zagara - ($1)
creep tumor - ($0)
card zurk, he hit your base for 1

Float ($0)
Discard 2, draw 4

Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader:
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger:
  • :pschip: Technician:
  • :target: Lookout:

In Play:

  • Zurkling(1/1)
  • creep tumor
  • zagara


  • :heart: Base HP: 20

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 4
  • Deck: 1
  • Disc: 2


  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 5

@charnel_mouse’s turn!

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Sorry for the delay, I forgot you’d started a new game. GL HF!

Game 3


Starting Hand: 5

Verdant Tree
Merfolk Prospector
Ironbark Treant
Forest’s Favor
Rampant Growth


Forest’s Favor Rampant Growth in my starting hand this time, so a hero kill will be a bit more difficult. Zagara can summon another Zerkling this turn, which is enough to kill Calamandra in Squad Leader. He’d have to trade Zakara, though, so maybe that’s fine. Let’s see how Calamandra -> weenie spam works for Player 2. Playing Forest’s Favor over Merfolk Prospector here is not something I’d usually do, but I think it’s worth it here so Zagara can’t just midband to be safe.

Get paid - ($5)
Worker - ($4)
Calamandra Moss - ($2)
Forest’s Favor, Calamandra gets a + rune - ($0)
Discard 3, draw 5

:psblueshield: Squad Leader: Calamandra L1 3/4+1A (+)

:heart: Base HP: 20

Hand: 5

Spore Shambler
Young Treant
Playful Panda
Tiger Cub
Rich Earth

Deck: 0
Discard: 4

Forest’s Favor
Verdant Tree
Merfolk Prospector
Rampant Growth

Card-count check (opponent-viewable)

Expected: 10
0 on board
5 in hand
0 in deck
4 in discard
1 in workers
Total: 10

Gold: 0
Workers: 6

5 x start
T1: Ironbark Treant

patrol in sql?

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Oops, yeah.

will do my turn until next week, don’t miss me :slight_smile:

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@charnel_mouse I want to restart with new version, me p1, it’s ok?