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Can we finish up Summer Smash in one day?


Heyo, playing @flagrantangles tonight for the right to face @SirHandsome in losers.

I was thinking it would be hype to do the entirety of the top 3 ( or top 4 even if @flagrantangles wanted to push the match back or something) to where we could do a full-day commentated event and close it all out with some fanfare? I’m a crazy person and would be willing to play four sets back to back if necessary lol, but idk if everyone else is. Also if I lose, I would love to commentate with @mysticjuicer.

I just don’t really want Summer Smash to fizzle out and have no story for the Grand Finals rather than two players in a lonely lobby and a forum post. It’s the biggest tournament of the year! Let’s make it a big deal imo.

At this rate, we’d just have to schedule the SirHandsome vs. Winner of me/flagrant and have @Fluffiness waiting for the winner.

Any ideas?


I’m free any day that’s not a Monday Wednesday or Thursday.

Also would be willing to co-commentate earlier games.


I like the idea of this! That said, if by some miracle of god I happen to defeat Leontes, I probably couldn’t accommodate it. I keep myself pretty busy.


Okay I will try to win today so that you can give the event your full support


Yo I did it!

Any takers on this craziness? I guess it’s up to @SirHandsome mostly (would have to play a double or triple header) and if we can get some streamers going.


Yeah sounds good


K so I’m out of town and cannot play until around Thursday of next week. The Saturday after I am working on the next Fantasy Strike tournament, so my best days are Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.


Will you be planning on starting the first couple of games about mid day your time, so we European players can join in the hype/help commentate


I definitely cant do Thursday, will only be around Friday starting at 2, and am 100% free Sunday


Mmk, does Sunday work for everyone?


@SirHandsome @Fluffiness @Bomber678 @mysticjuicer can we get it all wrapped up on Sunday, then? What times work for everybody? I’m free anytime.


This weekend is Canadian thanksgiving so I’ll be out all weekend eating, sorry.


I am not free until quite late American Sunday I’m afraid, like after 9 pm pdt


Why is it called Canadian Thanksgiving and not something else lol

“Sorry I am busy with American Dia de los Muertos”


Oops, I might be free after all!


So basically I’m going to my parents for dinner on Saturday, and my best friend’s place on Monday, so I can do Sunday after all. lol


I can do whenever, my schedule cleared itself up completely.


Alright, just waiting on @SirHandsome then.

Any particular time? We’d need to start early to make sure that we can sit through 3 sets of Bo7 Yomi if needed. I can probably start as early as 9a Pacific for my match with SirHandsome.


Sunday sounds fine, though 9am is a bit early for me. Maybe more like 10.

You guys can figure out a time amongst yourselves, I’ll make myself available. Gotta finish Summer Smash before Winter


9am PDT or anytime after that works fine for me, since that’s noon or later for me.