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A couple of rules questions


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Do I interpret the “Add” ability correctly:
I’m the last to act in the abilities phase. No one chose Add before.

I chose Add twice.
I draw 6th community card with the first Add ability.
I draw one more card with the second Add ability. If I like the new card better I can replace it. If I do not like the new card better I can discard it.

Is this correct?

How do Cassy and Bunny Hop Hotel interact?
We skip to the last betting phase, does this mean that this gambit Cassy’s special is useless?

Thank you in advance!


That’s right!

Correct. Cassy’s ability does nothing in Bunny Hop Hotel.


A rules question from me: For Jokers Wild Resort, in what manner does the Splash “always contain a Joker”?

Does this mean that there is an imaginary 4th card dealt that is a Joker?

Does it mean that you can treat any one card in the Splash as a Joker?


I think it means you always set aside the joker and put it in the splash.


As Bober says, put aside the joker and put it in the splash ^^


Bober Fett
Bonty Huter


Ooops <3

stupid 10 character rules


Thank you, @Bomber678 & @neigutten.


btw, this Kickstarter update specifies that for Joker’s Wild Resort, the joker is specifically included as one of the three Splash cards, not a fourth additional card.


Oops, I thought I included this link before:

Pandante kickstarter update