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A Balanced Clash: Round 2 - Ongoing

Wow, Niijima, Legion and Fluffy.That will be fun. Of course IN. Who will invite @Fivec ? Hope to see more people here :slight_smile:


We’re up to 13 players already!

Also, because this is my by-fiat tournament, and I’m curious to see how it plays out, we’re going do a diminishing Swiss on this one (that is, Swiss-like, you get matched with players w/ similar records, but after 3 losses you are dropped)


Is it Async for multiplayer? If so, I am in!

If by asynch you mean “you schedule your matches individually” then yes, it’s asynchronous. You and opponent have to play at the same time because that’s how Yomi works.


Alrighty, first round matches have been sent out.

Games are:

High Seed Low Seed
Niijima-san Xiba
Fluffiness Nopethebard
CKR vengefulpickle
Legion ArthurWynne
Caralad CarpeGuitarrem
mysticjuicer Baelnor
Ivan flagrantangles

Fluffiness 4-2 @Nopethebard

:gwen: :psfist::pschip: :menelker: I know that Nope mains Mene, and I feel this MU is hilariously Gwen favored if Gwen knows what she’s doing, so I decide to bait him with the Gwen FP. He falls for it and gets rushed down in about 7 turns.
:gwen: :pschip::psfist: :vendetta: He picks Vendetta. I get an early lead, but am unable to get the last few points of damage, since I run out of throws and can’t punish his dodges and blocks.
:persephone: :psfist::pschip: :vendetta: I decide to go back to my roots. Nope’s inexperience shows after he pumps his last card into a J combo to bring me down to 21 while I had an A held in BYS. Immediate lockdown, with Nope getting to make 0 more decisions that game.
:persephone: :psfist::pschip: :menelker: I nail his Bonecracker with an MC turn 1. Things don’t get better for him from there.
:persephone: :pschip::psfist: :quince: I once again get an early lead, but get cocky and spam my 2-AA a bit too much, letting him get an even block to end my loop. Eventually he grinds me out.
:jaina: :psfist::pschip: :quince: I swap to Jaina in order to impress migo sempai. Quince gets 10 thrown twice and can’t deal with the K spam. It worked out, and @migohunter tells me I got a ghetto perfect. Ty based migo.

GGs Nopethebard!

Also ty migo for recording.


what is it? :thinking:

I think it stands for Full Punish, which in this case would be J+ K++ A+ for 42 damage.

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No, it stands for First Pick. As in the character choice for the opening round.


ArthurWynne vs Legion
:midori: :knockdown: :psfist: :menelker: If Midori can do alright in the early game he owns this matchup. But, I couldn’t. I got continuously bodied instead. Even then, the life totals at the end looked a lot closer to even than the game actually was, which is testament to how brutal Midori’s damage vs 70 hp is.

:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :menelker: I hit with 2AA in turn 2, then Legion removed all of my aces by turn 4. Somehow I drew all my Jacks and barely won anyway.

:persephone: :knockdown: :psfist: :degrey: JUSTICE! Got completely run over.

:quince: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey: Took a lot of early damage, and the mid-game wasn’t great either, but then I had face cards, he had no jokers and I was able to get him in the vortex and make the comeback!

:quince: :psfist: :knockdown: :valerie: Switched up my range a little and got a decent life lead, which evaporated in the face of a giant 47-damage Valerie combo. I thought for sure I was going to lose from there - when Valerie is flush with Aces and your hand is mediocre, Quince suffers badly in the neutral. But I survived into the endgame, kept the life totals close and managed to steal it again!

:quince: :psfist: :knockdown: :persephone: A wild game. I thought I’d lost it when I Gold Bursted into a dodge, got hit with Mistress’ Command and immediately drew the second joker. But I had a hand flush with options and a little more boldness than in the previous matches -to the tune of two turns of honest Queen spin in a row (one of them even worked!) It was enough.

Final result: 4-2 to ArthurWynne , we don’t need any more thieves in this game as long as we have Quince!


my 2 cents on the match:
game 1 I was lucky with black faces and managed to get the game by reading you properly
game 2: i didn’t adapt to the change of flow and lost, period.
game 3: got your number again, degrey does degrey stuff.
game 4: this one i threw into the gutter by playing scared at the end, and losing my advantage. not drawing a single joker did not help.
game 5: played boldly early game, conservative late game (and paid for that), again, my mistakes +no joker+no throws made me checkmate by a honest K
game 6: same as game 4, had it into the bag, too scared to do the right move.
Play scared, lose scared.
respect and ggs


GGs @Legion! Great to hear your perspective on the match, I wish we could get both sides like that more often.


but Quince is a law-abiding paragon of virtue!


CKR over @vengefulpickle 4-1

:zane: > :vendetta:
:zane: > :degrey:
:zane: < :lum:
:troq: > :lum:
:troq: > :vendetta:


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@vengefulpickle , I have a suggestion for a rule change if you run this again. I would randomize the player that gets to character select in game 1. I was thinking about how to do this. After both players have entered the game, the higher seeded player would choose random select.

If the character that is randomly selected was in the top 10 characters (original cast), then the higher seeded player gets to select their character. If the character selected was in the bottom 10, then the lower seeded player gets to select their character. I think this would be more balanced.

Yeah, I was thinking after our match that something needed to change. In ABC1, giving high-seed first pick made sense, because low-seed could decide to free-pick anyway, so that put low-seed at the advantage. In the current rules, high-seed gets to pick their favorite character every time.

I could go w/ random, or just give first pick to low-seed, as an equalizer.

Then I suggest giving it to low-seed, fewer random factors = better.

That said, even though you only get to pick from “balanced” match-ups, getting to pick your preferred match-up in game 1 isn’t nothing IMO. I don’t feel put-upon as the low seed.

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As a general rule, I prefer randomness over handicaps. It keeps the playing field even.


I felt as if getting first pick was very helpful in my set, since i basically got to decide the MU, and would support randomizing first pick.

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I would have done better if I had known I was walking into a counter pick trap. Well now I know

Absolute heart-pounder of a set!

@Caralad vs. CarpeGuitarrem
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta: 3-attacks into K and then J out of the gate, sadface. Comes down to me choosing between attack and dodge after an acro turn. I picked attack, I was wrong. Really tight game! We were both at single digits by the end. I ate three K’s and acro’d another, who draws four K’s in their first 20 cards? (Caralad, apparently)
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :grave: I turn it around with some straightforward play by Grave. Lots of hadoken spam, which is great when Troq discards his blocks. I also finally figured out how to beat Ks, turns out you just play 5-attacks!
:degrey: :psfist: :pschip: :grave: Then out comes the DeGrammage, and I get whacked again and again.
:degrey: :psfist: :pschip: :argagarg: I switch off to the horrid Hellfish, but I fare little better, giving up way too many throws and dealing very little in return. I think I won one, maybe two combats? This DeGrey is scary!
:degrey: :pschip: :psfist: :geiger: Geiger was on the ropes until a Temporal Distortion explosion, then a wakeup Cycloid Revolution led to a J-poke the next turn for game! And with that, the lawyer is vanquished!
:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :geiger: I play a safe game, eventually smashing a Cycloid Revolution in the face of Gwen’s super-throw for the win.
:setsuki: :pschip: :psfist: :geiger: On one of the tensest final turns of my Yomi-playing, ever, I throw out a Cycloid Revolution to clash with a Setsuki Q! Which is really scary when you consider that I was at 4 life.

GGS! Every single match was either really close, or I was getting walloped by DeGrey; great play from Caralad. This is a pretty fun format; I cycled through five different characters! Five!