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A Balanced Clash: Round 2 - Ongoing

Round 1 Results

High Seed Wins Low Seed
Niijima-san 0 0 Xiba
Fluffiness 4 2 Nopethebard
CKR 4 1 vengefulpickle
Legion 2 4 ArthurWynne
Caralad 3 4 CarpeGuitarrem
mysticjuicer 0 0 Baelnor
Ivan 0 0 flagrantangles

Standings after Round 1

Player Wins Losses Had Bye?
Fluffiness 1 0
CKR 1 0
mysticjuicer 1 0 Y
flagrantangles 1 0
CarpeGuitarrem 1 0
ArthurWynne 1 0
Xiba 1 0
Niijima-san 0 1
Legion 0 1
Caralad 0 1
Ivan 0 1
vengefulpickle 0 1
Nopethebard 0 1
Baelnor 0 0

Round 2 Matches

High Seed Low Seed
Fluffiness CKR
mysticjuicer flagrantangles
CarpeGuitarrem ArthurWynne
Xiba Legion
Niijima-san Caralad
Ivan vengefulpickle
Nopethebard Bye

What’s the timetable for rounds?


Legion vs @Xiba
Legion wins 4-1
:onimaru::pschip::psfist::rook: Here rook starts his was machine, maybe I have won 3 combats all game, he rooked my world, hard.
:grave::psfist::pschip::rook: he starts throwing me again, twice! I start with 2 aces, Pu for the third, throw him back, attempt a 6 mix up against his wake up K, combo into tpos. Checkmated him with an A and a T to prevent the wall.
:grave::psfist::pschip::degrey: opens the game throwing, again, right off the bat with 8intoAA, i start losing fast, get my pokes online, give up on tpos (2 aces) for smaller but frequent doses of dmg. last combat i win the 50/50 bet.
:grave::psfist::pschip::jaina: I am triggered, so i open attacking, for once stopping the goddamn t1 throw. the game goes back and forth a lot, but being down to 19 cards i get both my jokers, escape lethal and dial it back.
:grave::psfist::pschip::menelker: For the first time in my life i start with TPOS in hand!! I was about to fire it, since xiba had always opened throwing, but my sense of pity stays my hand (it would be a pity to waste it, if xiba changed gear) i am right, he blocks, 3 turns later i play it naked vs his throw. then he dodges my k into an almost silent DSD (only 1 ace known) game is back online. I threaten A, he threatens a bQ with pu, i respond with a Q of my own hitting his throw for the win.
Respect and ggs. All games were though as heck and down the line.


Thanks VengefulPickle

vengefulpickle vs @Ivan


Lotta tense games in that set. Lots of fun was had!


I thought you couldn’t stay the same match-up?

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yeah lol. The TO violated the rules XD

Ah. I should clarify what I meant by that. I meant that you always have to pick from the allowed list. So, if you’re playing Troq against my Lum first-pick, and you win, I can’t stay in as Lum, because that isn’t one of the allowed Troq CPs. Geiger and Sets are both allowed CPs of each other, so staying in that MU is allowed.

I apologies if that messed people up in R1 games.

(In ABC1, the allowed action when you lost were:

  1. Stay in the MU (even if it wasn’t an allowed CP)
  2. Free-pick, and allow a CP
  3. CP from the allowed list

The “no staying the MU” was an explicit rejection of option 1)


Ah, okay, that makes sense, but I think the rules should be updated. :slight_smile: I don’t think anyone interpreted them in the intended way.

Maybe something like:

  1. Counterpicks are restricted to the allowed counterpicks.
  2. Loser must counterpick their opponent’s character. You can stay in the current match-up only if it is a legal counterpick to your opponent’s character.

agreed. It messed up both my games.

Augh! Sorry to hear that, @Legion. I will correct the rules.

@mysticjuicer, yeah, that seems like the right wording, more or less


Let me also say that I think the misinterpreted form of this rule would be a better rule.

Something to try for ABC 3?

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Yeah, I’m open to having ABC3 use a “No repeated MU” rule. (I’d rather have no repeats at all during a set, rather than just no back-to-back repetition, if that’s the way we’re going. I’d have to poke at it a little bit to make sure there’s no way to get stuck w/ no allowed matchups, though)


Agreed, no repeats would be both simpler and better. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to get stuck since a set is maximum 7 games, each character has 5 counterpicks, and (obviously) the same characters controlled by the opposite players is a different match-up.

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The only way it would cause issues is if draws occured. I think they’re universally replays, so you can probably just make an exception for it.

Yeah, compulsorily replaying the same match-up in case of a draw is naturally an exception.

Just noticed that the first post still says “Double Elimination”, should that be fixed?

ArthurWynne vs @CarpeGuitarrem

:quince: :knockdown: :psfist: :onimaru: Quince takes early life lead with Patriot Mirrors and dishonest spinning, but plays super scared of Final Authority in the endgame while Onimaru tries to encourage him with hugs. Painful painful hugs.

Once the hugging has come to an end, we’re both at 13 life with our Jokers spent and there are 2 cards left in Quince’s deck. I play Flagstone Tax on attacks and dodge, hoping to bait an attack so I can poke him with something and force the timeout win - but I realize too late that if he attacks, the timeout will come immediately and force a draw, so he definitely won’t do that.

…Carpe, who didn’t pay attention to the deck sizes, hits me with an 8-throw and hugs me into submission.

:quince: :psfist: :knockdown: :onimaru: Quince again takes early life lead, but Oni fights his way back to a dead even and very tense endgame. Then Consent of the Governed finds a throw on the last-turn 50/50.

:quince: :psfist: :knockdown: :onimaru: Quince’s early hand is absurd. Three Jacks and a 2 in opening hand. But Quince is uncharacteristically honest, while Oni spends his time in the tumble-dryer steadfastly blocking and comes out of the early game advantaged in both life and resources.

Quince’s mid-game hand is absurd. To the tune of 8888999 and some random normals. Despite being functionally checkmate to 10-attack for several turns and too scared to throw, he manages to get through it without taking too much damage.

Quince’s late game hand is absurd. Aces, Queens and dodges claw back the life lead and in the end three straight turns of topdecked dodges on Queen spin and Patriot Mirror turns win the game.

:quince: :knockdown: :psfist: :onimaru: This game, like the others, was very exciting in the moment and very even. But it all blurs together somewhat. The finish though, I remember clearly. Quince has just spent both his Jokers, but he has spent them well and has a decent life lead at 40-something. On 23 life with a Clockwork Army breathing down my neck, I gold burst into a dodge, take 15 unjokerable and have to spend my second joker to stay alive. Carpe says “time for some honesty” and powers up for two aces. I dodge and get hit by an 8-throw. I don’t like honesty. :frowning:

:grave: :psfist: :knockdown: :onimaru: : I also don’t like how well Carpe is adjusting to my Quince and I don’t like to be so terrified in neutral all the time either, so I go to Grave and it works well. Hand information from Martial Mastery and the threat of TPoS lets me go in with more throws and safe attacks until Oni runs out of HP.

:grave: :psfist: :knockdown: :troq: It’s at this point I realize that I have made a grave mistake, but Carpe fortunately doesn’t force me to face Zane for the potential last two rounds. Troq throws a lot in the early game and I hit him with a lot of normals, using the resulting Aces as combo enders. It doesn’t deal much damage per win and it doesn’t build my hand, but it does add up to a solid life lead - even once Carpe gets the second block attached and the threat of Beast Unleashed is manifestly real, I can afford to keep up the pressure, backed by a Joker. A well-timed dodge forces me to use that Joker but Carpe doesn’t take the bait. Next turn he attempts a 2 counter-throw but I just play another single ace for lethal.

Final result 4-2 to ArthurWynne

Thanks to Carpe for some of the most fun and evenly-matched games of Yomi I’ve played in a long time! GGs!


I think we literally hit 13-13 life at least twice, if I’m not mistaken! It was absurd!