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2018 Year End Wrap-Up


It’s that time again! Let’s close out 2018 with the best thing of all, stats!

As you may know, I maintain a spreadsheet of tournament results which records any and all reported Yomi tournament games. Every year I put together a wrap up post for the year, of players who played the most games (overall, and with a specific character), and players who had the best game win percentages (overall, and with a specific character).

A lot of arbitrary decisions need to be made when compiling these lists, and I’m going to lay them out so it’s clear what I did and why. If you have a question about any of these decisions, or a suggestion of what you’d like to see next year, let me know in the thread!

If you want to compare with last year’s list, here is the link to that thread.

  1. For ‘best winrates’ stats, I excluded all restricted and team events. So if you did really great in Topanda or Best of the Rest, those results won’t be counted. In the interests of measuring people against the same standard as much as is possible, this was the ‘least bad’ solution I could come up with. All ‘in-person’ tournaments and 1v1 call-out/grudge/hype matches are tagged as restricted.
  2. For simplicity’s sake I’ve also excluded restricted and team events from the ‘most games played’ stats.
  3. In a first-to-four style event (for example), if you won a set 4-2, that counts as you playing 6 games.
  4. For overall and character specific ‘best winrates’ I only counted people who had a certain number of qualifying games (i.e. a certain number of non-restricted, non-team games). I excluded people who had less than 20 tournament games over the course of the year, and for character specific rates, you had to have played the character in at least 15 tournament matches. These thresholds were not arrived at scientifically, or through rigorous and careful analysis; I just needed thresholds to prevent the top Grave list being people who had played only a handful of Grave games.
  5. I only ended up using ‘top 5’ lists for character specific games played and winrates, rather than ‘top 10’ or more. For a lot of the cast, requiring 15 qualifying games meant that only 4 or 6 people were on the ‘top 10’ list. Similarly, for a lot of the cast, it would mean putting someone in a ‘top 10’ with a less than 25% winrate, which didn’t feel right, or kind. I know this stuff is touchy enough already for some people, so I went with a blanket ‘top 5’ and excluded anyone with a win rate less than 50% to avoid feel-bad situations on the character specific lists.

Overall Most Games Played and Highest Win Rates in 2018











































As with last year, a couple of specific shout-outs to people findings success with off-meta and difficult characters over particularly large numbers of games played!

@MR75 for an electrifying 58% win rate with Grave over 132 games played!

@JonnyD for a blistering 72% win rate with Jaina over 32 games played!

@Leontes for a masterful 62% win rate with Midori over 89 games played!

@Ivan for a transformative 60% win rate with Midori over 55 games played!

@snoc for a silent but deadly 59% win rate with Setsuki over 105 games played!

@sharpobject for an invigorating 57% win rate with Gloria over 47 games played!

@Zqxx for a debilitating 64% win rate with Gwen over 36 games played!


And here are the winners for tournaments that ended in 2018.



I don’t remmeber it, but I’m glad I played enough games with Vendetta to keep him looking Bristol.


Hey, I made some lists! (On quantity, not quality, but hey, I’ll take what I can get)


I wasn’t as active this year, but glad to make the lists with the characters I’ve played the most (Gloria, Jaina, Grave). The 72% Jaina more than makes up for the crappy years I’ve had with her in the past! XD


Quantity is a necessary condition to achieve quality!


I’m fairly sure I haven’t played 87 games with Geiger (I can’t recall playing him at all, except maybe in LLL once or twice), and since that’s the same number you have me at for DeGrey… I think a C/P error might’ve happened.


You are correct! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve adjusted the snapshot in the OP. :slight_smile:


Huh, I appear on these lists a lot more than I expected.

I was especially surprised to see myself on the Troq and Gwen lists.

Can you tell me how many games that Gwen win rate is based on? Because I think it must be something of a fluke.


You can see the game totals for any of your stats by going to the online Excel sheet I maintain, going to the summary tab, entering your name and putting 2018-01-01 in the ‘from date’ field. Since Jan 1 2018 you played 18 Gwen games.


Quantity has a quality all its own, my friend.


Thank you!

I should use that spreadsheet more, every time it’s brought up I discover a new functionality.


Thanks @mysticjuicer for your continuous efforts!!!
and wow, I played sooo many games this year… and actually lost most of them :rofl: :rofl::rofl:
Oh, but someone told that quantity has a quality, so welcome losses! :joy: