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2017 Year End Wrap-Up


Hell yeah! Kudos!


If there’s any lesson you can take from my experience, it’s that you can suck for years on end and then be awesome. Also, the first step to being good at something is usually being bad at it.


Also that commentating on hundreds of tournament games can be good for learning things?


That too, for sure!


@mysticjuicer PoTY imo


Since you mentioned it @Fivec, I’d like to talk about the PotY concept for this year.

So first thing is there is a short list of names to be considered for that honor this year:

Of course there is @mysticjuicer as fivec mentioned. There is also @Fluffiness who won Sumer Smash and became the scourge of the EU. Also @Legion who took home a quite ridiculous win rate. I would be remiss to not also mention @flagrantangles who has been the bridesmaid quite a bit.

But I would pick MJ, and here is why -

Because he embodies the ideal that “hard work” can make you a better player.

If you look at the newly crafted ELO chart by @vengefulpickle there is a quite clear trend; all players immediately race to their skill tier and then spend the rest of their days bouncing around. Much of the skill in this game would appear to be innate. The only person who defies that thus far is Mystic Juicer.

I recall when I re-engaged with this game a few years ago I saw the presence of a name I’d not seen before, and what a presence it was. He was dedicated to Yomi, that much was certain. He had written a Rook guide, he was curating spreadsheets of player records, he was organizing tournaments. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very good. His analyses carried a lot of mistakes and he just didn’t win very often. So I assumed he’d found his skill tier just like everyone else had and that’s where he’d stay,

Except he didn’t. Time passed and he kept playing. He kept analyzing. He worked with new characters and found what clicked. His analyses were better, faster, more insightful. It didn’t happen overnight, or even within a year or two. But you can see that ELO line and it’s clear as day. He is now without a doubt a great player, and he proved that you can improve at this game with effort, as nobody else had really shown. And i have no doubt he can still improve even more, and I would be very surprised if he didn’t.

Juice, you are (and should be) an inspiration. If I was the one handing out trophies you’d get one my man.


Aw, thanks guys! That’s super kind! :heart:


Again, about the PotY, here is my 2 cents.
Imho is @mysticjuicer, simply cuz he took part in almost all 2017 ig tourneys and won them all (IYL, LLL, etc). Not to mention his las IYL run was as undefeated.:open_mouth:
This alone would be enough for the PotY ttle imho.
I always admired his hard work (spreadsheets, commentating/recording everything he could), and if we start factoring his passion and perseverance for this game and community, should be player of the decade, imho :heart:


Wow, first thing I see is this shoutout. Means a lot really :heartpulse::psfist:


Looking at this year end review it looks like there are a few characters who have a low number of players with >50% winrate in comparison to the number of players who played them enough to qualify:

Menelker: Nobody won with him.
Gwen: For #gwenmeta being a thing she sure doesn’t look like it
Lum: Also did poorly
DeGrey: Most surprisingly to me, DeGrey only had one player with a >50% winrate, and even that was only 51%!

Conversely, only four people played Persephone enough to qualify for the winrate, and three out of four got >50% with her. Interesting stuff…


I’m not all that surprised about Menelker or Gwen; both are pretty widely considered low tier characters. Lum and DeGrey are both considered quite strong though. Lum has never really been a popular character though. Even when deluks and enomus were around, and playing him a lot, they were basically the only ones.

DeGrey is surprising, although again, he’s been much, much less popular in the recent past. You and Bob are the two best DeGrey players still playing Yomi that I can name off the top of my head, and neither of you have really been playing him.

On the other hand, Persephone, even if she’s as hard to play or win with as Menelker or Gwen, is probably harder to play against than either of those characters, because she doesn’t play a traditional neutral game.


Part of it also is that there more 19XX events last year than before , so :disguisedmonkey: had to sit in jail for a bunch of events


EDIT: “I’m” winning with :menelker: now because he’s so good in LLO format, haha


Actually, Menelker has a losing record in that tournament too, he just has a positive point spread.

EDIT: Hopefully we’ll see your name on his list next new year!


Just realized that this would also be a good place to do a tournament winners wrap-up for the year. Next year I’ll try to remember to lump all of this into one post, but for now… here are all of the first place finishes for tournaments that finished in 2017!



is missing the 2017 olympycs. guess who is the champion? cough coughmecough Cough


coughcough That ended in December 2016.coughcough :stuck_out_tongue:


oops! my bad, sorry :confounded:


Not that it was a big thing but I thought I won one of those NFTT thingies this year.


Small goal for 2018 try to get on one of the win rate list for a character

Big goal for 2018 Top 8 or 4 of an event