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2017 Year End Wrap-Up


That string of Fluff is so satisfying


Probably late 2016.


I second @Niijima-san’s nomination of @mysticjuicer for PoTY. Not only has he earned his place in the pantheon of the greats but, win or lose, has consistently been Yomi’s best Ambassador.


It was round 7 so if it was 2016 that’s some crazy timeline.


My bad! I somehow missed Round 7 off the list!

Apparently you actually won NFTT6, and Caralad won NFTT7. Updated the list!


I’ve thought about this a little bit and I think one way to get good at the game is play for years as a low tier character and then switch to mono top tier. It works wonders to learn the game with weaker characters and then play characters where their combat wins come easier and deal more damage. I had a similar experiences playing mono Midori in v1 and then starting to mix in other characters and doing well. At least I did well until I stopped playing regularly. So there’s also something to be said for putting in the work.

Edit: Although I did switch back to playing low tiers on top of not playing as much. So I’m just starting the process over.