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[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5

CCC vs @Zejety


:gwen: < :gwen: WUT
:argagarg: > :gwen: 4 damage per turn bois
:argagarg: < :rook: Stone Wall bois
:geiger: > :rook: no real blocks bois
:geiger: > :gwen: Topdeck Flash Gear bois


Thelo :troq: 3 - 0 :setsuki: Fivec
for Flagstone City’s third spot play-ins


Good games! This went way better than last time, whew.


I cracked. Go 10-2, lose to someone who went 7-5. Sucks.

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IYL5 DreadLands Play-in
Ivan vs snoc- 3:1
:grave::psfist::pschip::setsuki: - random Grave do the job.
:grave::psfist::pschip::valerie: - raw TPoS
:grave::pschip::psfist::valerie: - he got me here
:degrey::psfist::pschip::valerie: - and of course cp time.
Great games. A lot of tense as always vs @snoc. Good luck in the other tournaments, mate.


Well played @Ivan, feel like you had the read on me all the way through that set. Game 1 was tough because I drew hardly any throws, but overall I feel like any risky option I played throughout the set got punished about as badly as it could have done. Maybe I played too predictably, but you did a great job of seeing what I was about to do.


And that’s that for the regular season!

Welcome to the playoffs!

The Playoff Bracket

As a reminder, games will be Bo7 (unlike the regular season, which was Bo5).

Thank you to all of the participants of this IYL, and congratulations to your playoff contestants:

  1. @mysticjuicer (with a perfect record!)
  2. @Zqxx (my fellow co-TO, thank you so much!)
  3. @Fusxfaranto
  4. @BD_Corro
  5. @Niijima-san
  6. @thehug0naut
  7. @sharpobject
  8. @Fluffiness
  9. @CloudCuckooCountry
  10. @Ivan
  11. SouthpawHare
  12. Thelo

I’ll be sending out match scheduling conversations shortly, and finalist, please make sure to post your matches in the Match Promotion thread, so that everyone can get hype!


lol, can you only tag 10 people at a time or something?

Sadly, yes. It’s super annoying.

We are untagged, but unbowed.

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Also, rats, I’m starting playoffs against an opponent from my own division.

You can leave Flagstone City, but Flagstone City will never leave you.


give the runner 2 tags, bow the runner, and move the runner to a planet of your choice


Yeah, what the heck? I thought it was time to play against other regions.

That’s a hype group. A lot of people who haven’t been in playoffs before.

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I wish all finalists good luck but I’m putting my support behind the People’s Champ, @mysticjuicer!


Wow if I win I face juicy again.



Well there is a pretty good reason for that: a lot of the people who normally make the playoffs don’t play any more.

Did we lose them to the forum move? Or lack of meaningful competition?

Forum move.

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Ah, that’s a shame… I wonder if there’s any chance of getting them back…

Thelo 4 - 1 Niijima-san
in the playoffs, round 1 (best 4 of 7)

:troq::pschip::psfist::vendetta: (27 dmg for exact throw lethal, oops I can’t count)
:troq::psfist::pschip::vendetta: (Furiously taking so many notes on the side here!)
:troq::psfist::pschip::vendetta: (“I’m gonna bleed all of your dodges forever”)

Good games!