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Yomi story mode ideas

I’ve recently gotten back into Yomi (hadn’t played much since Round 1) and I forgot how much I love it.

That being said, the online version could do with a little extra content. While playing I was imagining what the game would be like with a simple arcade/story mode thrown in. All I’m thinking of is 6 rounds with short text interactions between each one, and then a single image for the ending.

Here’s the lore

I’ll post a few examples. Feel free to add your own.

:grave: Grave

Round 1: Midori :midori:
Grave and Jaina are training with Midori. Grave has a training match with him. After the fight, Midori says Grave has completed his training, but tells him fighting has uses beyond personal strength.

Round 2: Jaina :jaina:
Jaina and Grave have been separated for a year or two. They have a sparring match. After the match Jaina says the reason she found Grave was to tell him that they were invited to something called the Fantasy Strike tournament.

Round 3: Setsuki :setsuki:
Setsuki is Grave’s first match of the tournament. She asks for his autograph and stuff.

Round 4: Argagarg :argagarg:
Arg is the next round. After the fight, Arg says he can feel that Grave’s heart is heavy and that he shouldn’t bottle up emotions. Grave says fists are all that matter (or some Ryu nonsense)

Round 5: Rook :rook:
Rook is the final round of the tournament. After the fight he is impressed and asks Grave to join his revolution and fight for justice. Grave walks away.

Final Round: EX Onimaru :onimaru:
Onimaru and his men crash the tournament. Grave challenges him and says Oni killed his father. Onimaru doesn’t care or remember. After the fight Grave spares Onimaru’s life, now understanding that killing him will do nothing to prevent future injustice. He turns to head back to Rook. From a distance, Menelker watches and frowns. He says Grave needs a reminder.

:jaina: Jaina

Round 1: Grave :grave:
Grave and Jaina have a sparring match. After the match, Grave says Jaina is too reckless. She says she does things her way and doesn’t care what he thinks. She says she’ll see him at the Fantasy Strike tournament.

Round 2: DeGrey :degrey:
Jaina makes fun of him for being so rigid. She also thinks his clothes are lame. After the fight she mocks him some more. DeGray wonders why Rook let such an asshole into the tournament.

Round 3: Valerie :valerie:
Val comments that Jaina’s style is rigid and predictable. Jaina never had anyone say that about her before. She gets offended and beats Val. Val comments that although she acts upbeat, she’s got rage in her heart (or she says a red aura or something)

Round 4: Bal Bas Beta :bbb:
At night, BBB finds the tournament. Jaina runs into him and thinks he’s an enemy from Flagstone. She beats him and tries to destroy him. Geiger interrupts her and calls her stupid for attacking before talking. She gets offended and leaves the tournament.

Round 5: Gwen :gwen:
While wandering away, she gets attacked by Gwen. She beats her and Gloria appears to heal her sister, who had escaped her. Gwen is drowsy but she tells Jaina that she could feel her anger during the fight. She tells Jaina not to end up like her.

Final Round: EX Menelker :menelker:
Menelker finds Jaina and tells her that he killed Midori. She flips out and they fight. After it he says she has potential but needs work. He tells her to let Grave know and leaves. Jaina vows revenge.


Uh, I can’t write many sentence, so try something…

Geiger :geiger:
:geiger:“Fantasy Strike is my experment ! This is my Laboratory !”
:fearful::telephone_receiver:“Are you serious !? You can fighting !? You will hurt yourself !”
:geiger:“The martial arts is gentleman accomplishments !”
:sweat::telephone_receiver:"…Take care my friend, I pray for your victory and success the experment."
:geiger:“Don’t worry. You can trust me.”
:expressionless::telephone_receiver:“By the way, Do you take the permission of your boss Rook ?”
:geiger:"…Ahahahahahaha, see you later〜:sweat_smile:"

I think his entry reason is the experiment of time.


Totally agree with you!



Here’s another. It’s pretty fun to flesh these guys out a bit.

:troq: Troq

Round 1: DeGray :degrey:
Trog is with the Flagstone army and is ordered by Onimaru to bring in DeGray. Troq finds him and beats him, but DeGray asks him what he did wrong. Troq has no good answer and feels bad. He lets DeGray go and deserts the army.

Round 2: Zane :zane:
Zane thinks Troq is hunting him and launches an ambush. After the fight, Zane offers Troq a position in his outlaw group. Troq isn’t sure, but Zane offers him growth potions and that seals the deal. Zane also introduces him to Vendetta, who is another teammate.

Round 3: Lum :lum:
Lum owes Zane some money from a poker game. Troq roughs him up.

Round 4: Geiger :geiger:
The team is planning an attack on Flagstone. Zane says its to liberate Troq’s people, but he tells Vendetta that he really just wants to steal the crown jewels. He needs some tech for the job. He tells Troq to distract Geiger while he borrows it.

Round 5: Quince :quince:
While storming the castle, Troq runs into Quince. He calls Troq stupid for joining Zane. Troq is sick of being called stupid, so he beats Quince up.

Final Round: EX Vendetta :vendetta:
Vendetta appears and attempts to finish Quince off. Troq stops him, since he doesn’t want to kill. Vendetta reveals he tricked Zane into making this plan and that his goal was always to take down Flagstone. Troq stops him and Vendetta retreats. Zane runs in and tells Troq they need to split. He tells Troq to grab onto him and they escape using a jetpack. As Zane struggles to carry him, Troq says Zane is his best friend. Zane says he never had a friend before :cry:


I’m stuck inside with snow up to my knees outside. I have a lot of dream time today.

:valerie: Valerie

Round 1: Quince :quince:

Val enters Quince’s chambers as a call girl. While he’s trying to get all touchy, she asks if he remembers someone named Vanessa. He doesn’t give a crap. She says he should remember her, since he ordered her killed. Val beats him, but she can hear his men coming and has to run before she can finish the job.

Round 2: DeGray :degrey:
While on the run, she encounters DeGray. He heard about her encounter with Quince and wants to see her passion for himself. After the fight he tells her that he is part of a group that wants to rebuild society and that they need an art adviser. She accepts and he tells her that her first task will be competing in the Fantasy Strike tournament.

Round 3: Setsuki :setsuki:
Sets is her first match in the tournament. Val loves her hair.

Round 4: Geiger :geiger:
Geiger is her next opponent in the tournament. After the fight, Val asks him if the future has anything in common with her artistic vision. He explains that he cannot tell her the future, as he had seen many different possibilities. Besides, if she knew it, she would become lazy. He tells her that things are never set in stone and that she needs to remain strong in her fight.

Round 5: Rook :rook:
Final round of the tournament. Rook tells her that it doesn’t matter who wins as they both share the same vision. After the fight she says she is tired and leaves to sleep.

Final Round: EX Persephone :persephone:
Val wakes up from sleep to find a strange woman watching her. Persephone won’t introduce herself other than to say she finds Valerie entertaining. They fight but even after seemingly winning, Persephone simply gets up and laughs. She tells Val to “paint the future,” which Val recognizes as something Vanessa used to tell her. Persephone vanishes and Val breaks down, wondering if the woman she loved ever existed at all or if had just been a demon playing with her life for its own amusement.


Still stuck with nothing to do. Here’s what I’d imagine for Gwen and Gloria. Out of everyone, they have the least interaction with other characters. They also only hang out together, so they kind of have the same story go in alternate directions.

Gloria :gloria:

Round 1: Gwen :gwen:
Gloria and Gwen are wandering the Dreadlands. Gwen tells Gloria that she should abandon her and let her follow her instincts. Gloria refuses to leave her side, but agrees to a fight. If she wins, then Gwen must travel with her for a month to search for a cure. If she loses, then Gwen can choose the direction. Gloria wins.

Round 2: Argagarg :argagarg:
Gloria heard rumors of a peaceful mystic. She seeks him out and asks if he knows of a cure. He asks her to fight him and see if his magic matches what she’s looking for. Although his powers are calming, Gloria agrees that it is not what Gwen needs.

Round 3: Midori :midori:
Gloria wants to find Menelker, as he overcame the same curse that Gwen has. She has no leads other than a mention of his brother. She finds Midori, but he claims Menelker’s reaction to the curse is due to him not being human. Midori demonstrates with a fight. Afterward, Gloria still insists on finding Menelker. Midori gives her a lead, but warns her that he might kill them.

Round 4: Menelker :menelker:
Gloria finds Menelker and pleads to let her study him. He laughs and tries to leave. She threatens to knock him out, so he fights her. After the fight Menelker still refuses to help, but does spare Gloria’s life in return for having saved his.

Round 5: Persephone :persephone:
The month is almost up and Gloria is about to give up hope. Persephone appears and laughs about how she loves seeing optimism being dominated. Gloria begins to wonder if this demon set up the entire situation and desperately hopes to beat a cure out of her.

Final Round: EX Gwen :gwen:
Persephone enjoys the fight but decides the story is ready to end. She tells Gwen to attack Gloria. Gloria manages to knock Gwen out, but Persephone has vanished. Now believing this to be the work of demons, she decides to let Gwen go her way and tail her until she can find the source of the curse.

Gwen :gwen:

Round 1: Gloria :gloria:
Gloria and Gwen are wandering the Dreadlands. Gwen tells Gloria that she should abandon her and let her follow her instincts. Gloria refuses to leave her side, but agrees to a fight. If she wins, then Gwen must travel with her for a month to search for a cure. If she loses, then Gwen can choose the direction. Gwen wins.

Round 2: Menelker :menelker: :
Gwen follows her instinct across the Dreadlands, although she has no idea where it’s leading. The pair run into Menelker. Gloria wonders if Gwen is attracted to other cursed people. Gwen attacks him. Menelker is impressed at her aggression, but pities her. He leaves and lets them live to thank Gloria for saving his life.

Round 3: Setsuki :setsuki:
Gwen rushes away from Gloria, smelling death. It turns out to be Setsuki, cooking a frog on a campfire. Gwen attacks her. Gloria catches up and calms Gwen down. Setsuki tells them that part of her exam was to camp a week in the Dreadlands. After this, she decides to leave early and just spend the rest of the week in a hotel.

Round 4: Vendetta :vendetta:
Gwen now seeks out Vendetta. She demands he take her to his master, although she is confused at how she knows that. After the fight, Ven says she would be no use to his master in her current state. He tells her to return when her transformation is complete and then vanishes.

Round 5: Troq :troq:
Gloria spots a wounded beast man. Gwen tells her to ignore him, but Gloria won’t. Troq wakes up and Zane pops out as an ambush. They want to rob the sisters. Gwen is furious and attacks Troq. Zane says “screw this” and runs.

Final Round: EX Glora :gloria: :
Gwen is ready to kill Troq, but Gloria stands in her way, angrier than she’s ever been. Gwen still manages to overcome her but stops herself before finishing her off. She struggles to tell Gloria to heal the beastman and then run. Gloria and Troq escape, leaving Gwen alone crying. :sob:


A tale as old as time…


MEMO (my headcannon)

Geiger and Zane are fighting about each other’s fashion senses.

Geiger vs Valerie is “Art”(Design, Painting etc.) of Fighting.

Geiger dislike Ninjyutsu, maybe.
:fearful:“Oh, Ninjyutsu is something of Science !”