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Yomi server down?

since this morning, my steam yomi cannot contact the server.
Am I the only one experiencing such problem? @Thelo

When ClanNatioy and I played about 5 hours ago everything worked fine.

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can you please try now? just to check it works or not

I can’t get on the Yomi server either.

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Sorry, I’m at work now and no steam games can connect from here.

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according to @Corroyeur iOS yomi is down too

I can’t either connect to the Yomi server. Maybe maintenance ?
I’d love they add new musics :smile_cat:


Paging @Thelo

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There are nine tournament matches scheduled for today. What an inglorious time for this to happen.

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How uncomfortable for up to 18 of us.

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Can someone who isn’t at work message him on the Discord? Not sure how often he’s on the forums.

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Sorry about that, I’ve cleaned up the server and it should now work.




my yomi can’t connect to server, again.
Anyone else has the same issue?